Case Study: Domino’s Pizza UK Keeps Orders Flowing with SQL Server Monitoring


Domino’s Pizza UK sells over 106 million pizzas a year to their customers around the UK and Republic of Ireland. Originally, they struggled to monitor their SQL Servers by reviewing metrics for each server separately with a tool they developed internally and needed to maintain themselves.


A few years ago, the data services team realized that they needed something better. They started using Quest Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise on-premises to better monitor their databases and servers and recently switched to Spotlight Cloud for even more capabilities including being able to examine a full year of historical data.

Results or Benefits
  • Enables the team to examine data from any point in time or time range in the past year;
  • Identifies the root causes of performance issues before they affect the business;
  • Allows easy, secure access to third-party consultants;
  • Shows when to run jobs to avoid periods of peak usage;
  • Shifts costs from capital expenditures (CapEx) to operating expenditures (OpEx).
The Domino’s Pizza UK Success Story

About Domino’s Pizza UK and their SQL Server environment. With over 35,000 employees in over 1,200 stores selling over 106 million pizzas every year, Domino’s Pizza UK is the UK’s leading pizza brand and a major player in the Republic of Ireland. Domino’s Pizza UK is part of the global Domino’s system; the biggest pizza delivery operator in the world.

About Quest

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