Ivan Mihaylov, AmCham: The Government Should Take Urgent Measures for the Lack of Labor Force

At the business breakfast organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, Ambassador Merten outlined his priorities in his tenure. It was his first public speech since the beginning of his mandate, that coinside with those of AmCham: energy, rule of law, investment climate, defense, etc.

It is needed comprehensive policy that those in power should undertake to attract more labor force and especially skilled people (specialists). The situation can be described as “dramatic” since there is lack of labor in all sectors of the economy. This was said on Friday, April 28, 2023, by Ivan Mihaylov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria in a coversation with Ani Baldjian, anchor of “Good Morning, Europe”, the program of Euronews Bulgaria. “We mean fast, urgent measures and a comprehensive policy in order the Bulgarian market to be opened for specialists and labor, because we are losing our competitiveness,” pointed our Mr. Mihaylov. “Romania is very diligent in investors’ interest stimulation.” – he said also.

There is another big issue for the business is complex political situation. “There five elections over the past two years. This is a serious signal that we send to the foreign investors,” said also Mihaylov.

With regard the potential tax hike that is an option since the draft State Budget, Mihaylov replied that “the discussion is always around the numbers, but the problem is in the process, and hence – the predictability. Every business wants to have predictability. In fact, right now such a predictability is missing, because of the different signals from the institutions,” he concluded.

Ivan Mihaylov, AmCham, on Euronews Bulgaria with Ani Baldjian, April 28, 2023

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