Maya Kalcheva Became CEO of Neterra.TV and Neterra.TV+

Maya Kalcheva, the operational manager of “Marketing and Communications” of the global telecommunications company Neterra and its affiliates, became the CEO of Neterra Communications.

In this role, she continues to be responsible for the development of the Neterra.TV and Neterra.TV+ platforms. The first of them is for the linear distribution of Bulgarian televisions abroad, and the second one is for access to first-class copyrighted content.

In Neterra.TV+ viewers from Bulgaria and worldwide can watch online in high quality the latest Bulgarian films, festivals, lifestyle events and other video formats both live and on record.

“The world of video consumption is changing very dynamically. As a technology company, we follow these trends closely and develop our services according to the latest technological solutions. Our goal is to provide our users with a better choice and a better-quality experience so that they can select content that is suitable for their taste and viewing capabilities,” commented Maya Kalcheva.

In recent years, Maya has been actively developing Neterra Communications. She is the leader of the team that proposes and implements the company’s most significant projects. Maya attracted proven professionals to the team and created valuable partnerships with production houses, companies, movie directors, actors, filmmakers, and institutions.

As a result, the Neterra.TV+ platform became the host of important Bulgarian film festivals such as Master of Art, CineLibri, Kinomania, Sofia MENAR, Golden Kuker, Early Bird and many others.

Neterra.TV+ also has its own film festival in the form of a monthly proposal to viewers to watch over 20 selected films from European and world cinema.

The catalogue at is available without a subscription. It is constantly updated. Viewers have a choice of whether to rent or buy the movies from the platform.

Neterra.TV is the other platform of Neterra Communications. It is intended for Bulgarians abroad, and for more than 15 years it has been providing them with access to the most watched Bulgarian television channels, films, shows and music videos in high quality for the whole world.