MSD Bulgaria Message at Empower Her Kick-Off Meeting, March 2, 2023

Dear Ms. Marzalek,
Dear Mr. Mihaylov,
Dear AmCham Human Capital Committee members,

It was our great pleasure to host the most recent Human Capital Committee meeting and discuss in more details the Empower Her initiative – a flagship project addressing D&I supported by U.S. Department of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU and the AmChams in Europe.

“Saving and improving the most lives” is part of the DNA of MSD, therefore we firmly believe in the potential of Empower Her and we are looking forward to joining forces and engaging with other businesses to structure and implement a simple yet holistic program to empower women in our community live a healthier and happier lives!

Having mentioned health, we wanted to take the opportunity and highlight again the fundamental importance of health and wellbeing for our lives regardless of gender, age or any other diversity dimension. Health and wellbeing are the critical foundation for successful and fulfilling life and MSD is committed to support initiatives related to health literacy, prevention and further health improvement under the Empower Her umbrella.

Moments from MSD Bulgaria hosting of the Kick-off and Brainstorming session of Empower Her Initiative, March 2, 2023

Another dimension that engages us even further with this topic is our promise towards our female colleagues, namely to “create a community where women feel a sense of belonging, positively engage with one another, work toward gender equality through an inclusive environment with male colleagues and have opportunities for development that will pave the way for a thriving, rewarding and impactful career.” And across MSD we stay true to our promise through the amazing work delivered by our well-established global Women’s network. But still we firmly believe that stretching the boarders and externalizing our activities dedicated to women is key, which ultimately brings us back to our strong commitment to support Empower Her shaping & delivery in Bulgaria.

We firmly believe in the power of Empower Her to change the lives of many, while allowing each and every one of us as responsible businesses and community members to secure a lasting legacy, a legacy we are proud of.

We will be looking forward to engaging further!

MSD Bulgaria