Nearly 30% of Companies Operate Without an HR Specialist or Department

HR Screening is part of Manpower Bulgaria’s annual surveys, and this was the third year that we explored the challenges facing the division. With the support of our exclusive partners, the Bulgarian Association for People Management and the Employment Agency, we reached 472 professionals by analyzing their measured challenges and processes through targeted, logical questions.
Key findings from the survey show that some of the trends set out in 2022 are continuing in 2023. For professionals in the HR division, candidate CV references are still not key to the recruitment process, and different functions within HR are being individually determined according to the business sector and its specific needs.   

On the other hand, small and medium-sized businesses in Bulgaria still do not recognize the need or find a way to segment the HR department to cater for the different functions of the role, and often HR activities are filled by management positions such as managers, supervisors, and directors.   

Answers to more of these questions relating to the day-to-day challenges and activities that the HR function involves can be found in our HR Navigator Club episode of the same name here and in the full report here