The PwC Academy Invites You to Join the ESG Basics Program, Starting June 7, 2023

Adoption of ESG regulation will allow for companies to show their sustainability efforts and corporate responsibility to a wider audience. During the 5 modules of the ESG Basics Programme, participants will gain understanding of the ESG landscape and the new sort of report that will be needed. They will learn how to recognise and maximise opportunities that lie ahead while also minimise potential risks.

Through sharing best practices examples we will show what benefits ESG implementation may bring to your business, e.g. staying ahead of the competition, bottom line resilience to adverse risks, innovative business environment to name a few. The ESG Basics Programme is suitable for those who want to understand how their business can thrive in the ESG era and utilise the upcoming legal requirements and leverage it for resilience of their business in the future.

You can find more information and detailed agenda for the 5 modules here

You can register here