CMS Organises a Webinar on Quiet Quitting and Women on 24 May at 16:30 CET

The CMS CEE Women in Business group is delighted to invite you to our webinar dedicated to the topic of Quiet Quitting and Women.

During this webinar our speakers will focus on a number of different topics, such as:

  • What is Quiet Quitting and how it manifests itself in women
  • Can women “afford” quiet quitting
  • Quiet quitting and its complexity: advantages and disadvantages for the employer and the employee
  • Quiet quitting: not a new phenomenon and its deep roots
  • Quiet quitting and the current culture: the changed values of the new generation
  • Coping with quiet quitting at the workplace
  • Olga Belyakova, Partner, CMS Ukraine – Moderator of the discussion
  • Alexandra Algafari – Psychologist, Body psychotherapist
  • Dariia Volkova – Senior People Business Partner, Lyft
  • Okasana Semenyuk – Mentor in organisational transformations, behavioural strategist and neuroleadership researcher

Attending this webinar is free of charge. The webinar will last 1 hour.