Business Breakfast Invitation: Innovative Esri GIS Applications and Global Best Practices for Working with Images

Be part of a business breakfast with the special participation of one of the leading experts in the field of remote sensing in Europe – Guenter Doerffel , Esri Imagery Evangelist. Learn about the latest capabilities of the ArcGIS platform for imagery and how to turn increasingly available remote sensing data into useful and easily usable information for your business. Don’t miss the chance to see:

  • The latest technologies and trends in remote sensing and image processing
  • Applications and benefits in various fields – cadastre and spatial planning, energy and RES (Renewable Energy Sources), transport infrastructure, defense and security, natural resources and environment, disaster management, and others
  • European and global good practices and applications
  • Modeling digital twins and bringing them to life in GIS
  • Content access – ready-to-use images and information layers
  • Trained algorithms for machine learning and artificial intelligence for object extraction in an ArcGIS environment

In business, science, state, and local government, access to images opens up new horizons for monitoring, control, and efficiency. Today, drones, airplanes, and satellites capture more images than ever before, creating a near-real-time picture of the entire planet. GIS provides access to this data, as well as the ability to process, analyze and share it. With ArcGIS, you can extract a lot of information from each pixel and turn static images into dynamic knowledge about the territories and objects of interest.

Don’t miss to see for the first time in Bulgaria:

  • ArcGIS Reality – the latest photogrammetry solution
  • GeoAI – a new level in automated extraction of image data
  • Everything for your drone in one app – ArcGIS SiteScan
  • Integrated use of data from diverse remote methods, video surveillance, oblique images
  • Storage, management, and quick access to data at large volumes of images – ArcGIS Image
  • Share and access images and deliverables in AGOL and Portal for ArcGIS
  • And many others

Participation is free, requiring prior registration until 23.05.2023:

For contact: phone: 0898 628 628 | email: [email protected]