HR Navigator: Аttracting Workers and Professionals From Abroad

In today’s globalized world, attracting international talent has become crucial for businesses that want to prosper despite the increasingly noticeable shortage of staff on the Bulgarian labour market.

To bring more clarity to the topic, we dedicate the June episode of HR Navigator to attracting workers and professionals from abroad and the various specifics it brings with it (June 21, 2023, 10:00).

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In our expert panel, Elza Alexandrova, Learning Manager and Vessela Melamed, HR Director at Hyatt Regency Sofia, together with Greta Stefanova, Founder of WHISP and Petar Todorov, Business Development Manager from our team, will comment on topics such as:

  • How companies can benefit strategically from attracting international workers and professionals
  • Understanding the regulatory and legal considerations
  • Identifying regional dependencies and determining which regions of the world offer the best-prepared talent for specific industries

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