NOVA EMBA Full Scholarship

NOVA Broadcasting Group and the American University in Bulgaria have partnered for a unique opportunity. In honor of the AUBG Executive MBA program’s 20th anniversary, one social entrepreneur will receive a full EMBA scholarship to help bring their idea to life.


NOVA and AUBG will grant one EUR 16,700 scholarship, covering 100% of the academic fee for the AUBG Executive MBA program.


Participants have until September 15 to develop and submit their social entrepreneurship projects. A special jury will review all applications and select five finalists. The finalists will then present their projects live to the jury members at the Elieff Center for Education and Culture in Sofia, home of the AUBG EMBA, on September 30.

The winner will be announced by October 6 and awarded on October 20 at the gala evening in honor of the 20th anniversary of the AUBG EMBA program.


Prospective students should apply for the NOVA EMBA Scholarship by preparing a 5,000 to 6,000-word business plan that highlights their entrepreneurial initiative with a social focus.
The business plan should be about starting or building on an existing business that solves a social problem of applicant’s choice. It is expected that the prospective student will provide the necessary level of detail to present their entrepreneurial idea. Learn more here.

  • Applicants for the NOVA EMBA Scholarship must meet all requirements for enrollment in the EMBA program.
  • Interested applicants can apply for the scholarship before being accepted into the program, but they will receive it only after completing the application process and gaining admission.
  • Applicants for the scholarship must provide proof of their English language proficiency, as the program is conducted entirely in English.
  • The NOVA EMBA Scholarship cannot be transferred to a third party and will be awarded only to the individual recipient as determined by the jury.
  • If the recipient cannot begin the program, the admissions committee may decide to award the scholarship to the next ranked participant.
  • The scholarship will be received only as a credit toward tuition, applied directly to the student’s account, and cannot be received in cash.