DEVIN and Harmonica have the pleasure to invite you to the first edition of B Corp Café.

B Corp Café is a special event dedicated to the B Corp™ movement, during which we will introduce you to how business interacts with society and the environment to lead the transformation to permanent sustainable thinking and behavior. We will share important information and inspiration on how companies can become Certified Benefit Corporations™ and how we can all work together for a better future – for people and the planet.

B Corp Café will be held on June 28 (Wednesday), from 11am to 1pm. in the hall of Mission 23 on 23 Mizia street

B Corp Café will enable you to:

  • to meet representatives of already certified B Corp™ companies in Bulgaria;
  • learn more about their experience in becoming Benefit Corporations™ and the challenges they face
  • find out more about the benefits that certified companies receive from a representative of the certification organization
  • talk to all participants in person to exchange ideas and experiences

Particpants in the event:

  • Borislava Nalbantova, executive director, DEVIN
  • Lubomir Nokov, manager, Harmonica
  • Nicolás Gemio, Markets Development Coordinator, B Lab Europe
  • Petya Manastirska, Manager “Sustainable Development and Quality”, DEVIN

We’d happy to have you as our guest, introduce you to the world of B Corp™ and share how business can be a force for good!

Please confirm your participation by replying to this email or completing the registration form here