AmCham Bulgaria Supports Food Vouchers Digitalization

AmCham Bulgaria following its previous statements issued another position in support of the digitalization of the food vouchers, which is due. The letter was send to the Minister of Finance on June 27, 2023.

The position says:

  • The upcoming digitalization of meal vouchers should create equal opportunities for all players to operate in this segment, thus guaranteeing an open market.
  • The regulatory framework should ensure level-playing field between all market players, regardless of their origin and abiding the principle of “same business, same risks, same requirements”. Any market player capable of delivering value to end-users, regardless of its origin or nationality, should be welcomed, as long as it adheres to European rules and standards on data and privacy
  • The model chosen for digitalization of meal vouchers should promote innovation and fair competition, ensuring that market participants are free to choose their partners based on their value proposition and solution offering.
  • The digitalization should secure the social character of the system and ensure that users and merchants are observing the regulatory provisions for the use of meal vouchers with regard to the scope of food and food products that they could be spent on.

Download the position in Bulgarian