More Than Half of Bulgarians Believe That the Level of Alcohol in the Blood While Driving Should be 0.0 ppm

The data are from a survey completed on the occasion of the 15th edition of the campaign “Alcohol is a bad driver”

More than half of Bulgarians believe that the permissible amount of alcohol in the blood while driving should be 0.0 ppm, and only 20% support that 0.2 – 0.5 ppm is an acceptable limit. The data are from a national survey conducted on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the “Alcohol is a Bad Driver” campaign commissioned by Kamenitza.

Nearly 84% of Bulgarians identify drunk-driving as the cause of the war on the roads, according to the results of the survey. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated ranks second as the cited cause of traffic accidents, after breaking traffic rules – cited by over 90%.

The survey was presented at a special event for the media and partners of the “Alcohol is a Bad Driver” campaign, which was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) through the Traffic Police Department, the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC), and the Union of Bulgarian Motorists (UBA), as well as corporate partners of the campaign and representatives of the motorcycle communities in the capital as stakeholders in the fight against drunk driving. All guests had the opportunity to experience an unique VR simulation of driving a race car or a regular car, including a DUI simulation.

“This year, “Alcohol is a Bad Driver” becomes an even bigger initiative, with more partners and supporters, which makes me believe that we will be able to reach many more people with the message that saves lives and that unites us here today: ‘Be an exemplary”. With these words, Vladan Matic, CEO of Kamenitza addressed the guests to the event.

The data from the survey on road safety attitudes were presented by Julian Dobrev, leading sociologist and Director of Analysis at BluePoint. An interesting finding of the survey is that 76.4% of the respondents claim that they do not consume any alcohol when they are in the car, and nearly 90% of Bulgarians define themselves as a “an exemplary driver”, and on a spontaneous level, the participants define the term as a person who follows the traffic rules (43.5%).

Respondents said that they avoid getting into the car of someone they know has had consumed alcohol, with only 17% admitting that they have had 1-2 rides with an acquaintance who has consumed one drink. Just over 70% declare that they prefer to leave their car when they go out and know that they are going to consume alcohol.

The questions asked by Kamenitza in the survey also included questions about the attitude of Bulgarians towards non-alcoholic beer. It ranks as the second most preferred category after traditional soft drinks, which drivers consume when they are out with the car, and the proportion of people who consume non-alcoholic beer every time they go out with the car is 41%.

“This year we are adding more alcohol-free beverages to our product portfolio, making us the company with the most diverse portfolio of non-alcoholic beers. Each of them is a real and practical solution for all those who do not want to deprive themselves of their favorite drink, in the moments when it is not appropriate to consume alcohol”, said Radostina Hadjiyska, Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs at Kamenitza at the event.

This year’s “Alcohol is a Bad Driver” partners include the State Agency for Road Safety, the Executive Agency for Motor Vehicle Administration, the Bulgarian Association of Accident Victims, the Association for the Qualification of Motorists in Bulgaria, the companies “Red Zone” and “Top Rent-a-Car”, as well as the Association of Women Motorcyclists in Bulgaria, BG Riders and “Safe on the Road”.

The study on attitudes towards driving and alcohol use was conducted among 407 active drivers in Bulgaria, aged 18-65, via an online survey of the urban population, in May 2023, by BluePoint, all data can be viewed here