ZaUtre Transforms Online Shopping Experience for Prominent Fashion Brand on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

ZaUtre, a growing web development company specializing in Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions, proudly announces its partnership with the Samsoe Samsoe fashion brand, revolutionizing their online presence and customer experience.

Through a series of innovative implementations, ZaUtre has enhanced the e-commerce platform of Samsoe Samsoe, ensuring seamless transactions and elevating customer satisfaction. Key enhancements include:

  • Adyen Cartridge Update and New Payment Methods: ZaUtre has integrated the latest Adyen cartridge, enabling Samsoe Samsoe to offer a wide range of secure and convenient payment options to their customers.
  • Order Data Enhancement: By extending the logic to save shipment data on order level and exporting them to the Order Management System (OMS), ZaUtre has streamlined the order fulfillment process, improving operational efficiency for Samsoe Samsoe.
  • Product Material Display: ZaUtre has implemented a fix that accurately displays product materials, enabling customers to make informed purchasing decisions based on comprehensive product information.
  • Enhanced User Experience: ZaUtre has addressed issues with empty product tiles in carousels, ensuring a visually appealing and engaging shopping experience for customers on Samsoe Samsoe’s website.
  • Adyen and OMS Integration: Through extensive modifications and extensions, ZaUtre has ensured seamless communication between Adyen and the OMS, allowing for efficient order processing and inventory management.
  • Google reCAPTCHA Integration: ZaUtre has integrated Google reCAPTCHA backend validation, safeguarding Samsoe Samsoe’s website from spam and ensuring a secure browsing experience for customers.
  • Newsletter Functionality Improvement: ZaUtre has fixed issues with the newsletter functionality, ensuring successful subscription and seamless delivery of updates and promotions to Samsoe Samsoe’s subscribers.
  • Dynamic Values for Newsletters: ZaUtre has enhanced the newsletter system by sending dynamic values instead of hardcoded ones, enabling personalized and relevant content for each subscriber.

“At ZaUtre we are committed to delivering cutting-edge ecommerce solutions, and our partners at Samsoe Samsoe are now enjoying a competitive edge in the dynamic fashion industry”, says Dimitar Peev, CTO of ZaUtre.