Enery and KCM AD Enter into a 12-Year Partnership for Green Energy

KCM AD, the leading producer of lead and zinc in Southeastern Europe, has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Enery, a renewable energy developer, for a period of 12 years starting from 2024. KCM AD is an energy-intensive company with an annual electricity consumption of nearly 400,000 МWh of base energy. With this consumption profile, it is possible to achieve a balanced mix of energy sources, enabling the development of a highly sustainable solution for energy supply.

For KCM AD, this collaboration signifies a significant leap forward in its environmental, social, and managerial strategy. By securing the rights to procure green electricity from Enery’s new power plant in Bulgaria, the company strengthens its unwavering commitment to society and nature conservation.

Enery’s latest Bulgarian solar power plant, developed by the joint company Enery Element, reflects its goal of providing clean and affordable energy to businesses. With an expected annual production of nearly 200,000 МWh, the new asset offers industrial partners the opportunity to improve their sustainability practices while optimizing and decarbonizing their energy costs. The Green Power Purchase Agreement includes a range of benefits, including long-term stability of electricity costs, reduced carbon footprint, and personalized agreements tailored to the client’s requirements. Enery’s expanding portfolio allows it to offer green solutions to businesses in Central and Eastern Europe.

“We believe that partnering with Enery is а viable business approach to achieve sustainable and long-lasting effects from the implementation of green solutions. The interaction between responsible energy consumers and competent suppliers and producers of green energy is at the core of achieving the EU’s clean energy goals. This agreement will enable each party to develop their own competence and knowledge to achieve mutually beneficial business and ESG objectives. We are confident that today, together with Enery, we embark on the successful implementation of a green project in Bulgaria, which will start delivering green energy next year. We are also confident that throughout its lifecycle, the project will become the best business practice benchmark for implementing green solutions in the EU.”

KCM AD management:

We are proud to join forces with KCM AD and offer them long-term, reliable, and competitive green electricity, demonstrating how businesses can come together to achieve energy stability and sustainable environmental management. Our mission is to deliver reliable and affordable green electricity, and this partnership with KCM AD fully aligns with our vision.

everin Vartigov, Country Manager and Chief Commercial Officer at Enery

“We are thrilled to deliver a state-of-the-art solar project to a leading energy intensive consumer. This landmark agreement marks a significant milestone in the transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon industrial landscape in Bulgaria and the broader region of Southeast Europe”, said Nikola Gazdov, Director of Enery Element. “We remain committed to fostering partnerships that drive forward the energy transition by developing utility scale renewable projects with positive environmental and social impact”, added Gazdov.