Civil Society in Bulgaria is Alive. Country’s Philanthropy Potential is BGN 567 M

Despite the economic challenges, the good is developing and it is well institutionalized, because there foundations and organizations, which more than 20 build-up the image of the non-governmental sector as a fundament of the society. This was said by Daniel Kiryakov, Communications and Public Affairs Manager, AmCham Bulgaria at “In Development” Program at Bloomberg TV Bulgaria hosted by Veselina Spasova.

BGN 567 million is the philanthropy potential of the Bulgarian society. For 2022 the real amount is BGN 280 million which citizens have donated. That makes BGN 140 per person, so its potential is double. If there are tax incentives, and better communication, and the narrative against the NGO sector stops, this more-than-half-a-million potential will be untapped.

The civil society in Bulgaria is alive. Pantropy in Bulgaria is represented by successful, rich people, such as the brother Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi, as well as by the individuals who today sends sms or one leva in a carton box to support for a cause. The Sofia University is an emblem, as well as the Economy Academy at Svishtov. Along with these facts, there are philanthropists and patrons that don’t what their names be known in public. 

The unwillingness of the donors to demonstrate their gestures, Daniel commented like that: “Being successful in Bulgaria sometimes is a stigma. Because along with the rampant examples of successful people with corrosive capital that are being presented publicly, there are many, many others which have their devotion and investment of personal time and sacrifice have built successful companies, some of them listed on stock exchanges. In parallel with that, some of the public narrative of politicians seed the feeling that being successful means to be mean and nasty (in Bulgarian “чорбаджия и изедник”).

It is invisible the motivation and the mindset in which lays the entrepreneurail spirit combined with the need “to give back something to the community that has created me”. Also, here comes the patriotism – to build a school that our children to study here in Bulgaria or abroad, and to dream about innovations and great success.

“However, there are feelings and suspicion in our society of mercenary intentions of the donors. Therefore, there are foundations and associations that for years a fighting to change that perception. Throughout all of those 45 years of socialism, along with 30 years of transition, there is a lack of quality education focused on noble values”, pointed out Daniel

There is a new culture that goes along with the generation change, because young people today chose their employer based on how much this company is responsible and which causes it supports.

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