AmCham Bulgaria’s 26th Independence Day Celebration

It was a party to remember! The AmCham Bulgaria 26th Independence Day Celebration was a huge success thanks to all the people, members, and partners that made it happen. The afternoon of July 1st, 2023, was full of positive emotions, friendly handshakes and hugs, lots of toasts, dances, and even proved that our community is brave enough to stand against the two rain showers that were “planned” to cool us off. 

Our Saturday night part showed beyond doubt that it is a true community event. We welcomed members, friends, and partners and their kids that played, danced, and sang on the green grass or in the Kids’ Corner.

All guests listened and danced to the great live performances by Junior BandJeremy? and Stefan Valdobrev and the Usual Suspects.

Our Cause – The Firefly Project by For the Good Foundation

“The  reconstruction of the Intensive care ward in the only children’s hospital in Bulgaria in 2020, confirmed  what we already  expected. We realized that  children’s healthcare is not a priority to our institutions, but we also learned that it  should be a main priority to our society and we have to insist relentlessly that it becomes the same for the institutions. The great support that we received from people, volunteers, partners and donors literally gave us wings to believe that we will  make this change happen. 

Nadezhda Rangelova, Executive Director, For the Good Foundation

And just like that, three years later we have refurbished six hospital wards in the country and we grew our dream into the Firefly project. 

Firefly unites all our  ideas for improving children’s health care in Bulgaria and further develops them in activities that support the integrity of all participants in the healing process of children. Firefly is friendly, colourful, clean hospital facilities with lots of light, an environment of empathy, awareness, support and cooperation between medics, parents and child patient.

Firefly is a light that brightens the lives of child-patient, anxious parents, overwhelmed pediatricians and hospital workers.  Firefly  brightens our future.

The Firefly project is for our children – the children of Bulgaria. We need to do everything we can to improve conditions for our little ones when they are injured or sick and have to stay in the hospital. Children’s wards should provide not just top-class medical care, but also empathy from both the medical personnel and the environment.

Our ultimate goal is to have at least one National Children’s Hospital.

Angela Rodel, Executive Director, Fulbright Bulgaria and Supporter of Firefly Project

Acknowledging Nadezhda Vakareeva

Nadezhda Vakareeva, our Project and Event Manager, was acknowledged for her 20 years of dedicated service for the success of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria.