The First GRI-Sustainability Report of Our Holding TOI TOI & DIXI is Now Available Online

The first report from our holding TOI TOI & DIXI that is written in accordance with the internationally acknowledged “GRI-Standards”Based focuses on the implementation of the sustainability strategy in the operational processes of the company’s top five European companies, namely Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain and Switzerland.

TOI TOI & DIXI strives to conduct its operations in a way that conserves resources and protects the environment. By continuously improving products and services, by reducing the environmental impact of operations and by providing a respectful and safe working environment for all of its more than 5,230 employees in 30 countries, TOI TOI & DIXI actively contributes to sustainable development and stands out as a leader in the field.

The sustainability strategy rests on three pillars: “Products & Services,” “Environment,” and “Employees.” Each of these strategic pillars is structured into action areas. This structure allows us to manage our sustainability activities systematically and with a long-term perspective. It also lends transparency to the progress updates that we provide for our stakeholders.

Learn more about our Sustainability Report here.