Postbank Built its Own Photovoltaic Power Station in Support of the Mission for a More Sustainable Future

Postbank built a photovoltaic power station for its own needs on the roof of its Head Office building with a total installed capacity of 388 kWp. The annual production of green energy is expected to reach 432 thousand kWh, and on days with intense sunshine, electricity produced by the station will cover at least 30% of the electricity consumed by the building for a day. The implementation of the large-scale photovoltaic project provides a number of benefits, allowing the company to further reduce its carbon footprint and, at the same time, motivate employees to be more responsible. The idea for the project was developed in line with Postbank’s ESG strategic vision, which sets out the main principles on which its corporate philosophy for development is based, both in the immediate future and in the long term.

Protecting the environment, combating climate change and reducing the carbon footprint are top priorities for Postbank. As a responsible financial institution and a leading factor in innovations and the formation of the development directions of the sector in the country, the bank takes into account the importance of environmental and climatic aspects of its activity in the process of making key management decisions. The financial institution believes that climate change and the associated challenges for the transition to a low-carbon economy open up a wide range of opportunities that every responsible business must implement in its operations. The benefits of the newly built solar panel park in Postbank’s Head Office building are remarkable – on an annual basis, the project enables the saving of about 173 t of coal in the environment, the avoided carbon emissions would be about 205 t, and the trees that should be planted for their processing are nearly 300.

“From our position as a leader in the banking sector in the country, we are aware of our important role to be active participants in the green transition on the road to sustainability. Over the past few years, we have taken significant steps and implemented valuable initiatives to demonstrate our readiness to play our key role in the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable economy on the way to achieving long-term national and global goals. Team spirit, empathy and social responsibility unite us not only in our daily activities but also in our commitments to socially beneficial causes. Building green self-awareness is part of our corporate values, and that is exactly why our entire team makes continuous efforts and conscious actions on the way to a green economy for the increase in the quality of our lives and for the future of our planet,” Postbank commented.

Postbank implements its ESG strategic vision with a focus on priorities that allow it to offer the best sustainable products, services, concepts and solutions. The institution emphasizes the sustainable impact of its operations, meets the demands of the market with an innovative approach and, at the same time, closely monitors the ESG challenges facing its activities.

Over the past 12 years, Postbank has achieved significant optimization of the resources it uses in its operations and has implemented numerous digital solutions and products, improving its carbon footprint and significantly reducing the consumption of electricity, paper and water. The financial institution is constantly renewing its fleet, having invested in more than 50 hybrid-powered cars last year alone, and expects a new serious addition of eco-cars this year. In parallel with the project for the newly built photovoltaic power station for own needs on Postbank’s Head Office building, the offices and premises in it, as well as in the branch network throughout the country, are in the process of complete renovation. The inclusion of ecologically clean, recyclable materials in the improved banking spaces, the installation of modern LED lighting, as well as the introduction of the latest generation of more efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning systems are only part of Postbank’s sustainable actions on the way to a green economy.

With a vision for the common future of the entire society and in support of its clients and partners, Postbank has a Green Board and an Environmental Office unit within its organizational structure. They work to protect the environment both in terms of limiting internal consumption of resources and in relation to their financing activities. The institution is a member of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative and is the first and only bank in Bulgaria to join the Principles for Responsible Banking launched by this organization. In this way, the company gets access to resources, best practices and international expertise in the field of ESG.

The financial institution also has a multi-layered corporate social responsibility policy, as every year, the bank, together with its employees, implements numerous green projects and invests in initiatives related to the promotion of education, sports and entrepreneurship in our country. Its engagement in the field of environmental protection has repeatedly been distinguished in various competitions for sustainable initiatives, such as in the latest edition of b2b Media’s Greenest Companies in Bulgaria 2023. Postbank won a prize in the “Leader in Green Initiatives” category for its overall contribution to sustainable business development and the building of green self-awareness.

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