World Chocolate Day: A Celebration of Sustainable Chocolate Production and Ethical Indulgence

Mars, Inc, one of the biggest global chocolate producers, will use 100% sustainable coco by 2025.

The world chocolates day is a perfect opportunity for chocolate lovers to celebrate not only the deliciousness of all-time favorite dessert but the sustainability and ethics behind its production. The global company Mars, Inc. is sharing its plans for relying on 100% sustainable production of coco by 2025. Their goal is to create a sustainable, inclusive, and ethical supply chain that guarantees every coco bean used in their products will be produced according to strict principles of environmental responsibility and will be traceable from the farm to the first point of purchase.

This information was recently published in their Corporate Responsibility Report. Mars, Inc. is working on building a sustainable future by implementing a “Sustainability in a Generation” plan, which focuses on four pillars: healthy planet, thriving people, nourishing well-being, and transforming packaging. The main goals of the plan include reducing environmental impact, improving lives throughout the value chain, promoting sustainable farming practices, and creating sustainable and recyclable packaging.

Chocolate holds a special place in the hearts and taste buds of customers all over the world. But its production is tied to social and environmental challenges. That is why Mars, Inc. has always worked in the direction of creating sustainable and responsible products and being evenly delightful for the taste buds and social responsibility of the consumers. Currently the company is going strong on the sustainable cocoa plan “Cocoa for Generations” and more than 61% of their cocoa is already meeting the socially responsible goals.

Another sustainable goal of the global chocolate producer is to transform their packages.
Currently they are reformatting more than 12,000 packaging types. The company aims to have 100% of its packaging reusable, recyclable or composted, with an interim goal of reducing plastic use by 25% by 2025 and incorporating 30% recycled content into its packaging.

“At Mars, Inc. the wellbeing of our planet and people is highly valued. Weday at the world chocolate day we once again share with our customers information that shows our company’s efforts towards creating a better tomorrow. We rely on constant analyses and research to understand our environmental impact activities based on scientific evidence and consumer attitudes, aiming to create a better environment for people and industry growth. Our data-driven approach in providing ethically and sustainably produced goods for all our clients creates our better tomorrow.”

Vanja Vagic, Corporate Affairs Manager, Mars UBBAI.

In an increasingly changing and uncertain world, the proven truth that the world loves chocolate is always valid. The days are changing but the love for chocolate is always present, that’s why Mars. Inc. always thrives to improve and adapt their products to the prospering future and customer demands.