Postbank Wins Two International Awards for Its Innovative Techniques for Talent Recruitment and Employer Branding

Postbank won two international awards in this year’s edition of the prestigious Employer Brand Stars Awards 2023. The awards in the highly competitive Use of Digital and Candidate Experience categories recognise the institution’s commitment to employing innovative strategies and successful employer practices. As the only winner from Bulgaria, Postbank’s achievements demonstrate its modern approach to human resources management and are further evidence of the innovative management vision of its employer brand.

The Employer Brand Stars awards are given to organisations that develop a working atmosphere that maximises the full potential of their employees through established policies and practices in recruitment, engagement and retention. The 2023 edition was joined by companies and organisations from over 30 countries, with between 30 and 120 entries in each of the 12 categories. Awards are limited, and the competition is judged by an international jury of globally recognised professionals using a holistic approach and methodology based on six criteria: creativity, innovation, planning, execution, effectiveness and results.

The Use of Digital category recognises those companies that effectively integrate digital strategies into employer brand initiatives, both internally and externally. Postbank’s implementation of innovative applications, attractive video content, e-learning platforms and use of gamification in digital and virtual environments, along with its career portal, reinforce the financial institution’s responsibility and efforts for digital transformation in the workplace and earn a well-deserved distinction in the category.

The company’s dedication to continuously improving the candidate experience is also recognized in the Candidate Experience category. Postbank’s programmes ensure a wholly positive experience for potential new employees from the initial application process through preparation and starting work. This distinction demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to providing a seamless, positive and engaging candidate experience throughout the recruitment process, as well as nurturing talent from an early stage.

“We are very happy that Postbank has once again stood out as a leading innovative employer, a modern market leader with a different approach, a bold vision for talent attraction and employer brand management. At the heart of our globally recognised success in various fields lies a team of outstanding professionals whom we highly value and purposefully invest in their development. These prestigious global awards are further evidence of the realisation of our ambition to be a benchmark for successful employer brand building and positioning, which we achieve through new approaches, unconventional ideas and distinctive projects. This latest international recognition will undoubtedly have an important impact on our position as an employer of choice in the market, and we believe we will continue to attract exceptional talent to our winning team. In addition, these awards reinforce our commitment to creating a corporate environment of shared values and providing a truly memorable experience for our employees and potential new candidates,” Postbank said.

Postbank’s current awards come following an award in the Employer Brand Strategy category, which the institution received in the same competition in 2022 for its innovative approach, marked by creativity, precise planning, flawless execution and outstanding results that impressed the competition jury. The award reinforces the company’s position as a leader in comprehensive employer branding strategies.

Postbank’s consistent wins in the Employer Brand Stars Awards are an example of its dedication to creating an engaging and supportive work environment, as well as setting a remarkable standard in the industry. The awards are also a true testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, efficiency and results, positioning it as a shining example of excellence in building the employer brand in Bulgaria and beyond,” said the Employer Brand Stars Awards team.

Over the years, Postbank has been awarded many times for its innovative solutions in building a successful and motivated team and in establishing a strong employer brand. In 2023, the bank was recognized as a Top Employer in Bulgaria with a certificate from the international independent Top Employers Institute. In the b2b Media Employer Branding Awards 2023, Postbank was honored with a total of three awards in some of the most attractive categories – Creative Thinking, Excellence in Teamwork and Employer Branding Innovation.

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