CASE STUDY: Human API Increases Security Effectiveness with CyCognito Platform

Business Challenge

Security is paramount for Human API because their platform places a consumer at the center of managing their healthcare data and sharing their health data with doctors, labs, pharmacies, and other healthcare businesses. Agile and DevOps methodologies, Human API understands very well that“security has to be a continuous process,” adds Bell.
The business challenge for Human API is how to deliver the highest levels of security with their limited security resources while meeting customer expectations around legacy testing approaches.

Customer Profile

Human API empowers consumers by providing a simple but secure way to access and share their
health data.

Organization’s Security Goals
  • Continuous security assessment to match the continuous DevOps software development process;
  • A risk-based approach to vulnerability management to identify where to focus security resources and
  • Optimize their impact;
  • To raise the bar for attackers.

“The CyCognito platform helps me figure out how to distill an overwhelming amount of information and determine what is a risk for our business.”, says Megan Bell, Chief Privacy and Security Officer at Human API.

Read the case study to learn why the customer choose CyCognito and what the results are.