Cyberint Mentioned in Five Gartner®Reports

Cyberint is listed in Gartner Hype Cycle for Security Operations, 2022 in three different categories. Cyberint is also listed in Gartner’s Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Security, and Emerging Tech: Adoption Growth Insights in Digital Risk Protection Services Reports. Cyberint is also listed in the Gartner 2023 Market Guide for Security Threat Intelligence Products and Services & Gartner Emerging Tech 2023 Report.

We are proud to announce that Cyberint has been named a Sample Vendor in the ‘Hype Cycle for Security Operations, 2022’ under three categories: Digital Risk Protection Services; External Attack Surface Management (EASM), and Threat Intelligence Products & Services. Cyberint has also been named in 2022 Gartner reports ‘Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Security’ and ‘Emerging Tech: Adoption Growth Insights in Digital Risk Protection Services’. Listed under Digital Risk Protection Services, and External Attack Surface Management, Cyberint is honored to receive recognition from Gartner as an ‘Example Service Provider’.

In 2023 Cyberint has been named in 2 reports: Gartner Emerging Tech Security: The Rise of Proactive Online Fraud Protection and the Gartner 2023 Market Guide for Security Threat Intelligence Products and Services. The reports list Cyberint as an example provider of Compromised Credential and Payment Card Monitoring & a sample vendor for the following use cases: External Attack Surface Management, Phishing Detection, Social Media Monitoring, Vulnerability Intelligence, Risk Intelligence Feeds, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Dashboard, and Reports.

According to Gartner, “The DRPS end-user spending is estimated to be approximately $600 million in 2021 and expected to reach USD 1.2 billion by 2025.” Further, Gartner notes, “the pace of investment growth in this technology and its transformational effect on buyers focused on heritage vulnerability assessment are fairly rapid. This is particularly influenced by the increasing need to have visibility into external-facing assets to help prioritize mitigation/remediation efforts and reduce exposure.”

Security technologies must continually evolve to match the speed of transformations across digital businesses and combat the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape. Emerging cybersecurity technology requires swiftly responding to developing threats, protecting against expanding attack surfaces, and securing new environments.

Gartner states that “Increased end-user demand for vendor consolidation in all security markets has led to the inclusion of TI features from adjacent markets in security threat intelligence, namely digital risk protection services (DRPS) and external attack surface management (EASM)”. Cyberint fits into this model perfectly as we have built our services as an EASM vendor, DRPS vendor, and Threat Intelligence vendor natively.

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