WHITE PAPER: Transparency, Secure Authentication and Precise Access Control in Mission Critical Networks

The threat scenarios for industrial networks are constantly changing. New attack vectors and methods are emerging, while the operators of operational technology (OT) networks endeavor to maintain and enhance their security. Furthermore, new standards and regulations pose additional challenges for OT network operators. In particular, control over the devices in the network and their communication plays a central role. Modern approaches to network access control or NAC are therefore now a crucial component of every network and security concept.

This whitepaper presents a powerful way to implement such an NAC concept, consisting of macmon NAC and industrial Ethernet switches from Hirschmann.

The Role of Network Access Control in IT and OT security

Network Access Control consists of a set of technologies that implement policies that control access to the company infrastructure. In principle, the process of Network Access Control can be split into two phases, which can be applied one after the other or independently. Modern NAC solutions should support both approaches, as they each have specific advantages and limitations.

With the preset macmon NAC policies, configuration and management of network access works “out of the box”. Complex policies generally do not have to be created.

At the same time, the solution must also be predictable and controllable. This means that neither the manufacturing process in the factory nor in any other facility of a company must be disrupted.

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