NetIX Merges Its Divisions in Thessaloniki and Athens, Creates NetIX Greece

The Neterra Group’s global Internet exchange platform, NetIX, is merging two of its regional divisions in Thessaloniki and Athens to create NetIX Greece. Thus, the company will provide better services to its customers throughout the country, especially those with the largest data exchange.

The two regional internet traffic platforms have until now been operated independently. Their member companies will benefit from the merger. Going forward, all NetIX customers in Thessaloniki will have access to all Athens members and vice versa. This happens automatically, without NetIX having to make additional investments or build new infrastructure.

“Combining these two exchanges will be highly beneficial for all our NetIX Greece members,” said Dean Belev, VP of Services at NetIX. “They can now connect, access and deliver traffic from all over the country regardless of region providing a more cohesive network reach, and giving them an advantage over their competitors operating regionally.”

NetIX Greece is available from any of our primary on-net Greek locations: TI Sparkle Greece (IDC), Balkan Gate, Lancom Thessaloniki DC, and Lancom Athens DC or via any Point of Presence (PoP) on the network of Lancom, the exclusive NetIX partner in Greece.

“We are extremely pleased to be part of the creation of NetIX Greece, a critical step in the continuous improvement of the digital landscape in our country,” says George Nolis, CEO of Lancom. “The strategic merge of the Thessaloniki and Athens exchanges signifies our deep commitment to enhancing connectivity, strengthening network infrastructure, and fostering the robust growth of Greece’s telecommunications.”

Network management companies, ISPs and content distributors benefit the most from NetIX connectivity. Their biggest advantages for them are the following – on the one hand, they significantly reduce their time delays, the need for IP transit and network costs, and on the other hand, they improve their redundancy, network resilience and the user experience of their customers.

NetIX recently won the “World’s Best Peering Operator” award for 2023 from the international community of telecom operators Carrier Community.

About NetIX

NetIX is a new generation Internet exchange platform on which the Internet and a number of other innovative connectivity and direct data exchange services run faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively than ever before. Platform participants can directly exchange traffic with each other and with all other networks and partners connected to them. For their end users, this means much faster loading of web pages which allows them to interact smoothly and seamlessly with content from around the world.

NetIX’s global network reaches over 200 data centers in more than 65 countries worldwide on 6 continents. The platform connects 30+ Internet exchanges and over 180 participants who have a total of more than 9,000 networks. Daily peak traffic on NetIX exceeds 2 Tbps (terabits per second).

NetIX customers include Internet service providers, broadcasters, telecommunications operators and content distribution platforms.

About Lancom

Lancom, the leading provider of data center, cloud, and telecoms services in Greece, owns and operates three state-of-the-art Data Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki, along with a proprietary Fiber Optic Network that spans across Greece with worldwide connections. Balkan Gate Thessaloniki is the largest carrier-neutral Tier III data center in Northern Greece and is directly connected with major telecommunication providers in Greece and the Balkans. Lancom’s recent investment in Crete will establish a dynamic telecommunications route in the wider region of the Balkans and the Southeastern Mediterranean.