46% of Households in Europe Have a Pet

The data is part of the annual report by FEDIAF (the European Federation of the Pet Food Industry), which includes international companies such as Mars, Inc.

5.1% is the annual growth in the number of families in Europe who look after pets, according to the latest report by FEDIAF for 2023, of which Mars, Inc. is part. million. This is 46% of families on the Old Continent, according to data from the European Federation. The leading position in Bulgaria among pets is held by the cats, which are 815,000, followed by the dogs, which are 750,000.

This information, shared at the peak of summer, provides a perfect opportunity to share some helpful tips for owners of four-legged friends who do not want to part with them during their summer vacation. Therefore, we are sharing some of the most important things that caring owners need to think about before planning their trips, regardless if they own a cat, dog or any other kind of animal. Starting with choosing a suitable destination, moving through different travel tips, and mentioning the importance of providing a balanced diet for pets to feel as comfortable as possible during their new adventures, all the info that keen travelers need to know is below.

About summer adventures with our beloved four-legged friends, Silviya Koleva, Activation Executive for Pet Care, shares: “We at Mars, Inc. believe that the world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today. Tomorrow, we want a world where people and pets lead happy and healthy lives, on a healthy planet and that is why we create the best quality, sustainably sourced and packed food. We aspire to make a better world for pets, and we understand that good health of the body goes alongside mental health. Including our pets in vacations brings joy, strengthens the bond we share with them, and creates unforgettable memories. So whether you’re planning a road trip, relaxing on the beach or hiking in the mountains, make sure you think about your four-legged friend and embark on an amazing vacation together!” At Mars, Inc., pet welfare extends beyond providing nutritious and delicious food. That is why we are bringing you tips that are especially important during the summer vacation.

At Mars, Inc., pet welfare extends beyond providing nutritious and delicious food. That is why we are bringing you tips that are especially important during the summer vacation.

5 Tips for Traveling with Pets from Mars, Inc.:

1. Destination:

Before planning a holiday with your pet, it is important to research the destination – what is the climate like, are there enough activities to do with your pets, do you have access to a vet nearby. For example, if you’re headed to the beach, check beforehand if there are any pet-friendly beaches in the area. If you plan to go hiking, check if the trail is suitable for pets and make sure all parties included can have fun.

2. Transportation

Check the conditions for traveling with animals on your chosen kind transport. Prepare the necessary medical documentation if necessary and make sure your four-legged friend’s passport is in order. In case you prefer traveling by car, make sure that the animal feels comfortable. If it has no experience with car drives, it is recommended to do a few short test drives of the city, for your pet to get used to it before the trip.

3. Accommodation:

As more and more hotels and guesthouses allow pets nowadays, it’s still important to check their pet policies, additional fees, and restrictions to avoid unwanted inconvenience upon arrival.

4. Food

It is possible that the change of the familiar atmosphere is stressful to pets. To avoid additional stress for your furry friend, you need to prepare sufficient amount of food and treats that your pet already knows and loves. The Mars products within Whiskas, Pedigree, Perfect Fit, Sheba, Dreamies, Cesar and other familiar Mars brands portfolios are perfect for the occasion, their wide selection of nutritious sustainably sourced and packed food contains everything you need to keep your pets happy and healthy. Also, make sure and provide enough water in the summer heat. It is recommended that you also bring a portable pet bowl or bottle. To make sure your pet feels good and is adapting well to the new environment, try to stick to the schedule for food, walks and rest that you follow at home.

5. Have fun

This is the most important of all tips. Vacationing with pets is a perfect opportunity to create unforgettable memories, as well as to strengthen the bond with your “non-human” even more. Knowing the temperament, mood and behavior of your pet, you can improvise, adapt to the moment and create as many positive emotions and fun moments from your joint adventures.