A New Platform with Important Information About Responsible Consumption and Road Safety

The website www.abd.bg was created on the occasion of the 15th edition of the campaign “Alcohol is a bad driver”

July 26, 2023, Sofia. The long-term socially responsible campaign of Kamenitza AD “Alcohol is a bad driver” presents an online platform (https://abd.bg), that collects important and useful information and statistics on the topic of responsible consumption and road safety in one place. The abd.bg site builds on what has been achieved over the years up to this point, turning the campaign initiative into a permanent and sustainable platform.

The new web portal (https://abd.bg) contains helpful information regarding Bulgarian drivers’ attitudes towards driving, alcohol consumption, and safe driving behaviors. The statistics come from a survey conducted in May this year, which indicated that more than half of Bulgarians believe that the alcohol in the blood per mille should be 0.0 while driving. According to the poll, over 84% of Bulgarians attribute the road war to driving after consuming alcohol second as a stated reason for a road accident, violation of traffic laws is indicated as a number one reason by more than 90%.

The online platform presents more information about the “Alcohol is a Bad Driver” campaign over the years, along with key events and initiatives that support road safety. An important part of the development of the campaign this year is the expanded network of partners such as institutions, non-governmental organizations and businesses that stand behind the cause of responsible and safe behavior on the road. The company Kamenitza AD, which has been organising the initiative for 15 years, also provides a genuine alternative for all drivers who are on the road and should refrain from drinking alcohol – the most diverse non-alcoholic beer portfolio in Bulgaria at the moment.

On the website abd.bg, users can also find up-to-date statistics from the Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria – a long-time campaign partner – on the causes of traffic accidents in the country, the detected violations, and the proportion of cases in which blood levels above 1.2 per mille were found after alcohol consumption.

“For the past 15 years, “Alcohol Is a Bad Driver” has consistently drawn public attention to the problem of driving while intoxicated as a cause of accidents. This year, we’re taking another step forward, determined to keep developing the platform in the future.” This was the comment of Radostina Hadzhiyska, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director of at Kamenitza AD, regarding the launch of the abd.bg website.

The socially responsible campaign “Alcohol is a bad driver” is part of one of Bulgaria’s beer industry leaders’ long-term sustainable development strategy. Kamenitza AD reported the progress of its strategy with the latest sustainability report last week, from which it is clear that the company continues the positive trend of reducing energy and water consumption as part of Molson Coors’ long-term global commitment, to which the Bulgarian company belongs.