First Place for Kamenitza Ad in Progressive Awards

The company was awarded for its contribution to business and management initiatives for sustainability in Bulgaria

Sofia, June 14, 2023 Kamenitza AD was awarded the honorary first place in the category “Best sustainability initiative – manufacturer” in the fifth edition of the PROGRESSIVE AWARDS, which distinguish the most successful traders, manufacturers, brands, and projects from the fast-moving business in Bulgaria. The award recognizes Kamenitza’s overall strategy for sustainable development, along with its action plan, projects and initiatives for environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. All this was combined in the first sustainability report (, which the company published in 2022.

The competition includes businesses whose initiatives have had positive effects on the environment and have helped to reduce the negative impact of the companies’ production processes with their employees, consumers, customers, suppliers, as well as local authorities and non-governmental organisations. The submissions are examined using certain criteria, such as the investments made in the previous year and the outcomes of the initiatives for the company’s employees, consumers, nature, or local organizations.

“I am delighted with the award, which is yet another acknowledgement of our entire team’s efforts. Through our Our Imprint sustainable development strategy, over the last three years we have invested in projects for new programs, equipment, work systems in our brewery in Haskovo and in the market, with which we aim to reduce our negative impact on the environment to achieve greater efficiency, optimization of processes and the use of fewer resources, as well as the release of less carbon emissions. Our project to build solar park is also a long-term investment, as we will continue to upgrade it with each subsequent year,” commented Vladan Matic, Executive Director of Kamenitza AD.

The distinction in the PROGRESSIVE AWARDS 2023 demonstrates the excellence of the company’s brewery in the city of Haskovo, which also received recognition at the beginning of 2023. It has been named the №1 brewery among all more than 40 Molson Coors Beverage Company breweries worldwide, based on key criteria and sustainability principles embedded in the organization’s corporate culture, such as quality and environmental compliance, process efficiency and productivity, energy and fluid consumption, production plan implementation, etc.

As a manufacturer, it has always been important for Kamenitza AD to do business responsibly and sustainably. Among the major projects aimed at achieving sustainable development in recent years are:

  • In 2015, Kamenitza AD became the first beer company in our country to build and operate an anaerobic reactor at its wastewater treatment plant, which collects and treats waste water from the production process, as well as waste water from all enterprises in the entire Northern Industrial Region area in Haskovo.
  • Fewer resources used: In the period 2016 – 2021, the company achieved 17% less water input in the production of 1 hl beer finished product (1 hl = 100 l), 12.5% less input in electrical energy and 65% less carbon dioxide purchased.
  • Reduction of plastic packaging: In 2021, the company reduced the weight of primary and secondary plastic packaging placed on the market by nearly 70 tons compared to 2020. In 2021, it also reduced household waste by 18% compared to 2020.
  • Green energy: From the beginning of 2022, the factory in Haskovo purchases entirely only green electricity.
  • Renewable sources – Solar panels: At this stage, solar panels supply 30% of the electricity needed to operate the brewery in Haskovo, and this percentage will increase in the coming years as more panels are added.
  • Support for local production: In addition to supporting the planet and its resources, the company supports local production and promotes the circular economy, as 95% of Bulgarian malt is used for the production of its beers, 95% of transport companies are Bulgarian and over 80% of packagers materials for the products are produced in our country. The official car fleet has been updated with hybrid car models, and there is a limit on the harmful emissions emitted by them. For the initiative, the company was awarded with a certificate from Regional Environment and Water Inspection – Haskovo for contribution to the protection of the environment and water, as well as with the grand prize of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in the Annual Awards for Socially Responsible Management for the overall contribution of the company in the field of environment and sustainable development.

The winners of the fifth edition of the PROGRESSIVE AWARDS were unveiled at the Inter Expo Centre in Sofia, in each of the 16 categories in which merchants, manufacturers, brands, and initiatives from Bulgaria’s fast-moving sector were nominated this year. The winners were chosen following a month-and-a-half voting among managers from companies in the fast-paced industry. Voters had to select one finalist from each of the 16 categories.