The Sustainability Report of Kamenitza AD: Solar Park and Top Employer for 2023

In its pursuit of a circular economy, the company reports a reduction in the consumption of resources

Sofia, July 18, 2023. Kamenitza AD continues the positive trend of reducing the consumption of energy and water resources as part of the long-term global commitment of Molson Coors, to which the Bulgarian company belongs. This is according to the data from the sustainable development report, which the company published today on its website. It also takes into account the company’s efforts and achievements in sustainable care for its employees, the volume of sales for the year – over 1.148 mln hectoliters, as well as the capital investments made during the period, which amount to over BGN 10 mln.

As a result of its sustainable employee care policy, Kamenitza AD was recognized as a Top Employer at the beginning of 2023 by the Top Employers Institute. The award acknowledges good practices and methods in human resource management, recruitment, development, employee engagement, work environment, culture, equality and more.

“I am extremely proud of the progress we are making in creating an inclusive environment that provides equal opportunities to a diverse range of employees within the company. The result of our common efforts in this direction is our shared understanding of responsibility towards our environment. Together, we are taking increasingly bold steps to protect the planet’s resources, reduce our carbon footprint and implement a circular economy through sustainable manufacturing solutions. These efforts of ours do not go unnoticed externally and we are delighted to have won first place in Progressive’s annual awards in the category of “Best Sustainability Initiative – Manufacturer” precisely with our first sustainability report and the trend towards reducing the resources used.” These are the words of Vladan Matic, Executive Director of Kamenitza AD, which accompany the report.

“Through our technology and diverse programs, every year we reduce the amount of resources used to produce a unit of product, and our efforts are paying off.” What’s more, we are proud that our brewery in Haskovo has won the distinction of “Brewery №1″ in the global network of Molson Coors breweries. The rating is based on the performance of the corporation’s major breweries in terms of quality, safety, environment parameters, productivity, and other factors. This gives us even greater motivation to continue working in the direction of sustainability with the strong team we have in the brewery, and in our entire company,” says Vasil Petrov, Supply Chain Director at Kamenitza AD.

The sustainability report outlines the strategic goals and reports the results on an annual basis regarding the sustainability policies of Kamenitza AD. In 2022, the company reduced its carbon emissions by 2.35%, or a total of nearly 190 tons of CO2, which is roughly equal to the electricity consumed by half of the households in the city of Haskovo. The costs of water, steam, and electricity have also been reduced, and Kamenitza AD says that calculation of the utilised energy carriers is done daily, allowing for the analysis of deviations in a short period of time.

The global strategy for sustainable development of Molson Coors and Kamenitza AD aims to reduce the amount of water used in production processes in the long term. In 2022, the amount of water needed to produce 1 hectoliter of beer has dropped from 4.07 to 3.35 hectoliters compared to 2016, which equates to a reduction of 18%. Due to the key location of the brewery, Kamenitza AD continues its commitment to the purification of waste water of the entire Northern Industrial Zone of the town of Haskovo.

As part of its commitment to the environment, Kamenitza AD began construction of a solar park on the territory of the brewery in Haskovo in 2022, to secure the independence of its resources and their production of renewable energy. The solar park is the first one in Molson Coors group in Central and Eastern Europe. It has a total area of 15,350 square metres and 4,342 photovoltaic panels that create 2 MWh of electricity.

The solar park is already in operation and produces up to 30% of the electricity required for the operation of the brewery. The company plans to continue expanding the park in the coming years. From the beginning of 2022, Kamenitza AD purchases energy from 100% green sources. These activities support the goals of the organization’s global sustainable development strategy, which works in three main directions: caring for people, caring for the planet and responsible consumption of alcohol. In line with its goals for responsible consumption in 2023, the company launches two new non-alcoholic 0.0% products, offering beer fans the most diverse non-alcoholic beer portfolio in Bulgaria.

The full sustainability report of Kamenitza AD for 2022 can be found on the company’s website

You can read Molson Coors’s sustainability report for 2022 here