Viktor Dimitrov, DXC Technology: “There is No Industry We Are Not Part of and No World Region We Do Not Bring Positive Change in”

The Bulgarian version of this interview was featured in Capital Weekly, August 14, 2023 “There is no industry we are not part of and no world region we do not bring positive change in”

Mr. Dimitrov, you have been the Executive Director of DXC Technology’s Global Delivery Network in Eastern Europe for more than a year now. What are the most prominent qualities that allowed you to achieve such a career development?

As a company DXC Technology actively encourages the professional growth of its employees. Like the majority of our young university recruits, I started with the most basic activities and processes in the company, further building and developing my skills.

With persistence, determination, self-criticism and the invaluable help of my teams I’ve managed to impose lofty standards of quality, flexibility and integrity. Our efforts and achieved results were recognized at international level and made it possible the Eastern European division of our company to be entrusted to a Bulgarian. Challenges are daily, but high morale and teamwork are the best recipe for success.

What development strategy does DXC Technology follow?

DXC Technology is an American global leader in IT services with over 130,000 employees worldwide. We are present in more than 70 countries and provide a wide range of services to nearly 6,000 customers. Half of the companies in the elite Fortune 500 list are our clients. Our services have evolved for more than 60 years.

DXC helps businesses and governments around the world transform operations and utilize innovative technologies at their maximum. IT infrastructure, modern workplace services, cyber security, software development, big data and analytics, applications designated for a wide range of industries – we practically have everything you need for a successful digital transformation. The mission we fulfill is to use the power of technology and build a better future for our customers, colleagues and communities with strong inclination towards sustainable environment. We achieve it through daily actions and the results we demand from both ourselves and the vendors we work with.

Our partnerships include nearly all global players in the IT sector. As an example – over 90% of the world’s car manufacturers collaborate with us and our focus on vehicle software engineering makes us a major factor in the development of autonomous cars.

Public sector in some of the world’s most developed economies counts on our expertise in the digitization and modernization of their IT services. Banks and insurance companies develop relationships with their customers through the power of our products. There is no industry we are not part of and no world region we do not bring positive change in.

What is the effect of DXC’s presence in Bulgaria?

We have been working in Bulgaria for nearly 30 years but our rapid growth began in 2006, when our country was selected for the establishment of a Global Delivery Center.

We are one of the largest local employers to date – not only in the IT sector, but in the economy overall. We have over 4,200 employees plus 800 professionals engaged in our projects as contractors or as part of Luxoft Bulgaria – a subsidiary of DXC Technology. More than 5,000 people in Bulgaria work under the umbrella of DXC, which makes us a significant participant in the labor market.

What are the most preferred qualifications and what are the current open positions?

We develop all offerings of DXC portfolio here, providing a real abundance of career opportunities. Bulgaria is among our most strategic locations for global services in Europe and in the region. Here we develop our own software products for the global insurance business. We are actively involved in the evolution of autonomous cars. We service global brands such as Manchester United and Ferrari, which we also sponsor.

Dynamic career growth is an invariable part of our priorities and culture. Since rolling out our Graduate program in early 2021, we’ve hired nearly 1,000 people with entry-level experience but a sound desire for an IT career. We’ve also recently launched a summer internship program. Our focus is to allocate and develop people who will consequently grow and occupy positions requiring higher skills and more responsibilities.

As a proof to this strategy success, we’ve won first places in the categories “Onboarding Program” and “Development and Training” at the annual “Employer of Choice” awards in July.
The third award we received during the ceremony was for our “Dandelion” program, where we include people from the autistic spectrum in our teams. This is a special group of people with undeniable talents, unfortunately often overlooked in society. We, as a company, want to enable these very special people to reach their full potential in a supportive environment while launching a life-changing career.

Which other projects would you highlight as part of DXC’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy in Bulgaria?

The culture of inclusion and social engagement is strongly advocated in the company. During the worst moments of the pandemic, with support from management, our people organized the preparation, repairment, installation and donation of over 1,300 laptops to children from families with limited financial means in order to continue remote studies on par with their peers. The Child Protection Agency explicitly recognized this initiative. We have traditional campaigns to raise funds for orphan scholarships. Every month our people engage in initiatives related to environmental care. We are honored as a regular participant and partner in blood donation campaigns. Examples are countless and this culture is supported and encouraged at the highest level. When you are a significant participant in the economy of a country, we believe, you must also have equal responsibilities towards the support of society progress.

DXC provides services to hundreds of worldwide customers from Bulgaria. When will the company launch projects for the Bulgarian market itself?

We service nearly 300 clients in dozens of countries from Bulgaria. Here we have professionals with expertise in digitization of private companies, banking institutions, huge global brands, government structures and public sector entities. However, we are still striving to develop and increase our business presence locally. We have specialists who can generate a technological road map and execute it through precise planning. We carry out such activities for both the private and public sectors all across Europe.

In Bulgaria, we have been talking about digital government for many years now. I believe DXC Technology has the instrumentum to unlock and move many processes in the right direction, giving opportunities and outlining potential for rapid technological advance. For this reason, from 2022, we are much more active in presenting our offerings to the local market.

On the occasion of opening our renovated and modernized office in Varna (August 31st), we are planning a major event in the city, to which we have invited representatives of large businesses, state administration, major universities and our partner organizations. The program includes discussion with global and local DXC experts on the topics of cyber security and artificial intelligence. These are very actual areas that can unlock enormous added value for whomever invests in them. And in order to respect the city of Varna itself, we have also planned a small surprise – a drone show that will enthuse the Varna citizens and mark the opening of our office.

You mentioned Varna. Where else do you have offices in the country?

Over 400 people are registered in our Varna office. All other employees are assigned to our main office in Sofia. Notice that I use the word “assigned”. We actually have our employees live and work from every area in the country.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, DXC has completely revised its concept of work. The so-called Virtual-first model was created – our employees work mainly from the comfort of their homes while the company ensures they are well equipped for fully ergonomic and safe work environment – high-end chairs, desks, monitors, peripherals and accessories.

As far as our offices are concerned, a process of modernization has begun so that they become comfortable places for collaboration, meetings, client visits, innovative and creative activities. In Bulgaria, we started with Varna, but we are also any moment commencing a modernization project in Sofia, where through substantial funds and energy we intend to give our employees the DXC office of the future they deserve.