AUBG Welcomes Its Largest Class of 303 First-Year Students

This year the AUBG will welcome the largest class in its 32-year history – 303 first-year students. While the new students are coming from 25 countries, the countries Ethiopia and Kuwait will be the represented for the first time in the AUBG history. In addition to them, another 29 students from 12 countries will join the university for a semester as exchange students.

The new students will get to know the faculty and learn more about the students’ opportunities and the campus during the traditional Orientation Week, which starts on 30 August.

“As in previous years, the achievements of the new students at AUBG are remarkable,” said Daniel Shopov, Vice President for Undergraduate Admissions. “Among them, I can highlight young people from diverse backgrounds, such as Alexandrina Mehandzhiyska from Bulgaria, who received a full scholarship. She already has experience as a visiting lecturer at SungKyunKwan University in Seoul, South Korea, and as a programming lecturer at SoftUni in Sofia. In addition, Alexandrina has won numerous awards in the field of singing, as well as the Best Green Business Award and the Sofia Tech Park’s Teenovator 2022. Such biographies are the rule rather than the exception at AUBG,” he says.

Martin Milevski from Northern Macedonia, who also won a full scholarship for his studies at the university, is also impressive with his success. The first-year student is the author of numerous projects in various fields such as photography, storytelling, digital transformation and is interested in the field of drama and theatre.

Another example is Nadine Alsaoud Nezar from Syria, who is now a professional photographer and has shot over 12 concerts of rock bands in Bulgaria and Romania. She was awarded the Metcalf/Ramsden Endowed Fellowship.

Kaloyan Tosev, Bulgaria, has worked as a speaker at Benjamin Franklin’s Legacy, Leadership Academy, Future for democracy: a Bulgarian-Macedonian summit, while being an award winner in the MTQ competition; organiser of the first Bulgarian podcast conference; secretary and board member of the Youth Council of the US Ambassador to Bulgaria and co-owner of ProdigyCo.NET.

Sofiko Datuashvili from Georgia is interested in criminology and has completed the Young Investigators Programme and a criminology internship at the Georgian Bar Association. She is also her country’s youth representative to the United Nations.

Bulgarians Anna Dineva and Rumena Terzieva have already won international awards in volleyball and swimming.

The new academic year will be traditionally celebrated with an All-Campus Picnic on Sept. 6 and the classes will begin on Sept. 7.