Does the AD Bridge Solution Support My Other Identity and Access Management Initiatives?

AD bridge technologies have quickly grown to be critical components of many organizations’ enterprise identity and access management strategies. But AD bridge cannot do it all, and smart organizations will look to leverage the AD bridge, as well as their AD bridge vendor, beyond joining non-Windows systems to AD. Common identity and access management projects that can benefit from AD bridge technology, as well as the questions to ask, include:

  • Single sign-on – Does the AD bridge vendor address single sign-on beyond those systems that can be “joined” to AD?
  • Account Set-up – Does the AD bridge solution integrate with an AD account management solution to automate tedious and non-secure practices on Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X? Is the AD account management solution available from the same vendor?
  • Strong authentication – Does the AD bridge vendor offer strong authentication? And how tightly is strong authentication integrated with the AD bridge solution?
  • Privileged account management – Does the AD bridge solution integrate with a Unix root delegation and auditing solution, and how tightly are they integrated? Are users required to run the AD bridge solution to use Unix root delegation, or can it run independently of the AD bridge solution? Finally, does the AD bridge solution also integrate with other key components of a full privileged account management strategy such as password vault, sudo, and session audit solutions? Are those solutions also available from the same vendor?
  • Password management – Does the AD bridge solution integrate with a password policy definition and enforcement tool? Does it integrate with a self-service password reset solution? Are those tools available from the same vendor as the AD bridge solution?
  • Auditing – Does the AD bridge solution include auditing, alerting, and change tracking capabilities that enable you to get all the information you need in a convenient, centralized location? Does the AD bridge vendor offer audit tools that provide similar information for other systems in your enterprise?
  • IAM frameworks – How does the AD bridge solution integrate with an IAM framework? Has the vendor had success simplifying a framework deployment with its AD bridge solution?

Smart evaluators of AD bridge solutions will carefully consider the solution’s place in their larger IAM initiatives and look for opportunities to consolidate tools, vendors, and functionality through the inherent advantages of AD bridge technologies.

One Identity Solutions’ Safeguard Authentication Services is a leading AD bridge solution that can answer “yes” to all these questions. To determine which AD bridge vendor best suits your needs, use the provided worksheet and visit for more information.