PwC’s Academy Well-Known New Managers Program is Open Once Again for Registration!

PwC’s Academy’s well-known New Managers Programme starts its new edition on 9 October 2023. For another year PwC’s Academy will share what are the management essential skills that everyone should attain when they step into the leadership shoes. The training is led by the Learning and Development specialist Tim Kemp, who has over 30 years of practical experience all over the world, working with various clients.

The programme consists of 3 modules:

Module 1: Focus on Self – the critical role and abilities of the manager

This module focuses on the fundamentals of management functions, essential skills, and behaviours. Participants will understand what being a good role model is, and will learn to prioritise, take decisions, create, and maintain a healthier and more trustful workplace.

Module 2: Focus on Others – the impact we have on managing others

This module is about the impact managers have on others. It focuses on how change invariably generates a range of responses in the team, and how managers can help people re-engage.

Module 3: Focus on Business – from effectiveness to shaping trends in people management

The last module is about the link between individual performance and business contribution. What are the trends in people management that we need to be aware of? And how do we create a workplace that is open to innovation?

The training will be held in 6 live-online sessions distributed in the period between 9 October and 29 November 2023. Hurry up and reserve your spot in the group with an early bird discount available only until 11 September 2023!

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