AmCham Bulgaria Conducted Its Annual General Assembly

Sofia, September 20th, 2023 – Today, AmCham Bulgaria conducted its Annual General Assembly presenting the Board of Directors’ Report for 2022, and approving the Budget for 2023. The event was attended by the AmCham Board of Directors, members, and team, as well as by Hannah Kamenetsky, Senior Commercial Officerat the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria.

“Our 2022 was a year with a strong focus on membership, activities that advocate for the investment climate development in Bulgaria, as well as with great positioning of our Chamber in Bulgaria, Europe, and the United States. We are grateful to our members, our stakeholders and partners, incl. the United States Embassy here, and to our team that executed our 2022 plan with precision and dedication,” said Olivier Marquette, AmCham Bulgaria President during his remarks.

“We are happy to have AmCham Bulgaria as a truly dedicated partner and friend in working together in many areas such as rule of law, education, energy, healthcare, digitalization, etc. in Bulgaria,” pointed out Hannah Kamenetsky, Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria.

The General Assembly approved the Financial Statements for 2022 and the Budget for 2023 of the Chamber. Also, AFA OOD – a long-time member of the Chamber – was elected Registered Auditor for 2022.

AmCham Priorities

Regional and Transatlantic Advocacy
  • We promote trade and investments between the U.S., Bulgaria, and Canada with physical and virtual outreach on many levels.
  • For more than a year now the AmCham Office in D.C. is helping Bulgarian companies to explore the U.S. and vice versa.
Regional & International Initiatives
  • AmCham Bulgaria has iconic and prominent companies among its members. Their focus on their core businesses and engagement with AmCham helps all together to achieve a better positioning and collaboration at national and regional levels.
  • Our two sectoral reports that aim to reform Energy and Healthcare present some solid proposals for reforms thus meeting the requirements of the EU Green Deal and the well-being of the citizens. The third one about the U.S. investments in Bulgaria is underway too.
  • We have continuous engagement with the Three Seas Initiative.
  • AmCham Bulgaria partners with other nine Chambers in the Balkans to make this region more friendly for trade, transport, and business. This is our contribution to their accession to the EU.
Sustainable Business Climate and Investments
  • On Rule of law and fight against corruption AmCham has recently restarted a coalition with many bilateral chambers. Our collective action is visible and sound. In January 2022 together with the previous U.S. Ambassador Herro Mustafa, we sent strong messages to the political elite and the need for bold actions.
  • AmCham advocates for Bulgaria’s advancement towards the Eurozone and accession to the Schengen Area, since the country is part of the Transatlantic Economy, it is a must.
Digital Economy and Innovation
  • Digital Transformation, Cyber Security & Privacy – a stable government with a vision is needed to implement the desired policies and platforms for a better digital foundation in Bulgaria and its citizens.
  • Innovation and R&D capacity improvement and technology transfer – having a better business climate, Bulgaria will be seen by global investors and entrepreneurs.
Human Capital
  • Diversity and Inclusion Awareness – our focus is to raise the sensitivity about and to help companies embrace proper policies that accommodate differences, so their people have a better best place to work and prosper.
  • The EmpowerHer initiative found good soil among our members.
  • Education and Future of Work – Bulgaria has some great achievements in education, but there is a real gap between schools and real business. AmCham’s experts can help in making better business-oriented programs and vocational training. Institutions such as the Fulbright Commission, America for Bulgaria, the American College of Sofia, and the American University in Bulgaria are already shaping generations of bold, positive, and valuable people. We should do more with them together.

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