American, German, Swiss Chambers Discussed More Sustainable Healthcare System with the Parliament Healthcare Commission Chair

Today, three of the Bilateral chambers in Bulgaria – AmCham, Swiss-Bulgarian, German-Bulgarian – discussed how the Bulgarian Healthcare System can be more sustainable and patient-oriented one with Prof. Kostadin Angelov, M.D., at the Parliament. On behalf of the chambers were present: Boni Bonev, Chairman of the Managing Board, Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Mitko Vassilev, General Manager, German-Bulgarian Industrial and Trade Chamber, and Ivan Mihaylov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria.

Both parties declared their will to see much better cooperation between the leading institutions in Healthcare with the representatives of the foreign investors in Bulgaria. They discussed some of the important topics in this sector, such as prevention, innovative therapies access, lack of professionals, hospital care efficiency, digitalization, etc.

Prof. Angelov underlined the need of improvement of the demographic indicators of the Bulgarian citizens. “We need new programs for prevention and annual check-ups of social important decieses among children and elderly people. Thus, we will create the necessary regulatory framework. We plan to create a national center with full-range of screening and medical checks.,” he said during the meeting.

This meeting was the re-start of the advocacy of these three bilateral chambers that started three years ago for a more systematic and transparent dialogue between the authorities and the business community. This initiative aims to outline and realize the needed measures for improving Bulgarian citizens’ health status, and to reinforce prevention too.

Meeting with Parliament of Bulgaria Healthcare Commission Chair, October 3, 2023