Digital Cleanliness, Nature Cleanliness: Acronis Sofia Cleans Up Favorite Natural Sites

September 2023 was designated by the Acronis team in Sofia to be a month dedicated to cleaning our favorite natural sites, which are valuable to Bulgarian society. Our team cleaned up the “Kopitoto” area inside the “Vitosha” Nature Park by ridding it of accumulated waste.

The main focus of Acronis ‘ development activities is good cyber hygiene and the cleanliness of digital assets. Cybersecurity is one of the primary and vital necessities in the life of the modern person, according to the company’s vision – along with ones like home and food, clean air and water, and knowledge. Just as we are capable of creating technologies that constantly raise the bar in the world of cybersecurity, we are continually helping the improvement of other vital conditions as well – through our dedicated Acronis Cyber Foundation Program. In September 2023, Acronis Cyber Foundation Program focused on one of the valuable natural sites around Sofia that needed better hygiene – the Kopitoto area inside the Vitosha Nature Park. The need to take care of this site is particularly urgent right now – at the end of the summer, after thousands of people had already visited the beautiful natural place, many have left their dirty “footprint.” Therefore, the Acronis team set about cleaning it so that the “Kopitoto” could once again be a pleasant outdoor destination for all the residents of Sofia.

At the beginning of September, a team of 62 Acronis employees and their family members dived into the picturesque forest area of “Kopitoto” – a favorite of nature lovers in Sofia. The dedicated people of team Acronis were determined to rid this wonderful place of its waste. Their efforts removed over 200 kilograms of plastic trash and various small pieces of rubbish, such as cigarette butts and candy wrappers. Driven by enthusiasm, the team also completely cleaned the abandoned building and the abandoned well of the “Kopitoto” area, which seems to have served for years as a common trashcan for all Vitosha visitors.

According to the agreement with the park administration, the Acronis team took the initiative to protect and preserve the amenities of the forest and, therefore, varnished all benches and tables available there. Some of these seating areas were hidden in bushes, making the benches inaccessible and invisible to visitors, so before varnishing, Acronis employees thoroughly cleaned the places from the bushes.

“Our team has been thinking about organizing a cleanup for nearly a year, but until recently, it was barely an idea,” said Tatyana Alekseeva, the driving force behind this initiative, about her inspiration. “In the middle of the summer, my family and I sought some coolness at the Vitosha slopes, and once again, we were fascinated by the privilege of having a mountain only an hour away from Sofia. But we were also shocked by the pollution caused by human presence. This was exactly the spark that ignited the transformation of the idea into action. I contacted our Acronis Cyber Foundation Program team, and together, we organized a team outing at ‘Kopitoto’ for a noble cause.”