Christina Dimova Joins AmCham Bulgaria as Communications Intern

AmCham Bulgaria welcomes Christina Dimova as Communications Intern. She is a scholarship-winner of the America for Bulgaria Digital Marketing for Significant Causes Program for 2023, and she has picked AmCham as hosting organization for the period of her internship. Being the first Gen-Z representative in the team, she brings fresh look and energy on the Digital Communications Platform of the chamber, namely the website, Weekly Newsletter, target mailings, and other marketing materials.

About Christina

Christina Dimova is a communications specialist with core expertise in digital communications. She honed her professional skills as an editor at a leading lifestyle online media in Sofia, as a Social Media expert in a PR agency, and in the NGO sector where she worked as a program manager, devising content and advertising strategies for an educational organization dedicated to business and personal development. Kristina earned her BA in Journalism from Sofia University and her MA in Entrepreneurship from UNWE. Her interests span digital and environmental transformation, online communications development, business growth, and social entrepreneurship.

Christina is available at [email protected]