Neven Dilkov Becomes a Member of the Global Leaders Forum (GLF)

Neven Dilkov, the founder and CEO of Neterra, was invited and became a member of the Global Leaders Forum (GLF) in the Telecom Industry. This forum represents a network of companies, partners, and sectors that form the foundation of the worldwide digital infrastructure.

The primary goal of organization is to establish interoperable networks that offer widespread connectivity, comprehensive technological coverage, and support the ongoing advancement of digital innovation.

The GLF comprises top-level executives from some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies who come together to engage in strategic discussions and advocate for shared industry priorities.

The debates include strategies for reducing network fragmentation and enhancing interconnectivity, which are pivotal for the global proliferation of digital services.

The GLF community encompasses a diverse range of participants, including telecom operators, tower companies, data centers, sector investors, cloud and ICT service providers (hardware and software), as well as system integrators.

Neven Dilkov commented: ”One of our company’s core goals is to offer top-notch, smoothly operating solutions that revolutionize the way we rely on the telecom infrastructure in the whole world. The world is complex, and it is not getting better, so our role in the enterprise ecosystem becomes even more indispensable. This aligns perfectly with GLF’s mission. We are confident that our extensive experience will contribute significantly.”