Boryana Alexieva: At the Conference “Towards a High Value Healthcare System in Bulgaria” We Are Transforming Challenges into Strategies 

“We want to offer a more sustainable solution through well-organized support and to reach a consensus for better solutions in the healthcare system. The presence of experts in the field in all three chambers is right to initiate an open dialogue for that matter absolutely voluntarily and with great enthusiasm.”, said Boryana Alexieva, Co-chair of the AmCham Bulgaria Healthcare Committee, on October, 26, in an interview by Veselina Milanova, anchor of the ”Before Everyone” Program on the Bulgarian National Radio, Horizont Program. 

The international conference “Towards High Value Healthcare System in Bulgaria”, organized by the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BSCC), German-Bulgarian Industry and Trade Chamber (GBITC), and AmCham Bulgaria (ACB) in partnership with the Digital Health Innovation Cluster (DHI Cluster), has a main goal to propose a more sustainable healthcare system in Bulgaria via practical solutions in different fields. The forum presented the similarities between the foreign experience and the reality of the Bulgarian healthcare system. The aim is to identify the most important steps to improve the healthcare system. In Boryana Alexieva’s words, there are strategic challenges in this area that need to be overcome, despite the lack of a strategic investment approach and philosophy in the system. 

Boryana Alexieva stated that an event like this does not happen suddenly. “The efforts of experts from the bilateral chambers in the last 2 and a half years have managed to successfully concentrate the efforts of various experts from different areas – not only healthcare but digital and IT possible solutions as well, that we could all offer,” she said also. 

Listen to the whole conversation (in Bulgarian).