Open House Day of family houses in the gated complex “Residential Park Lozen”

Welcome to Open House Day in the closed complex Residential Park Lozen. We are waiting for you to help you choose your new home. We will open the doors of 8 new family houses, different in type, size and layout. The offered properties have living areas from 177 to 346 sq.m., with adjoining private yards from 200 to 249 sq.m.

  • Date: November 4th, 2023 /Saturday/
  • Time: from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Location: Sofia, 71 “Manastirska Vodenitsa” Str.

Residential Park Lozen is a gated residential complex located next to the village of Lozen, only 12 minutes away from Sofia. The complex fulfills the urban man’s dream of a home that gives peace and comfort, surrounded by nature, but at the same time in close proximity to the city. It offers a large set of amenities to its residents – a complete package of all services and support, including 24-hour access control and video surveillance, landscaping and irrigation systems, cleaning, c cleaning and gap management. In relation to the security of residents and their property, live security, video surveillance, traffic censors, automated traffic control, reverse driving, etc. them. “Residential Park Lozen” also envisages the construction of a separate area with commercial and public areas, including a school, a kindergarten, a sports center and swimming pool, sports facilities and a playground, a restaurant, a shop, office areas, etc.
Our consultants will introduce you to the complex and the properties suitable for your search.

We are expecting you!

For more information: + 359 882 300 628