Mnemonica Takes Part in the Cyber Threats and Solutions: Safeguarding Europe’s Digital Landscape Conference

The goal of the conference Cyber Threats and Solutions: Safeguarding Europe’s Digital Landscape was to fully examine modern cyber threats in Europe. The focus of the discussion was on two main topics – cybercrimes against businesses and public institutions and reporting cybercrimes to law enforcement or other related institutions.

Vihren Slavchev, CEO and Co-Founder of Mnemonica, drew attention to how important it is to report incidents and to have awareness among the society.

Some highlights:

  • Social engineering is at the core of any cyber attack today
  • Social engineering, as well as supply chain security, will play an increasingly critical role
  • It is very important to teach ourselves and our children what they should not share/share.
  • Not always “sharing is caring” – it is better to stick to a minimalist principle of sharing

He cited ENISA data, according to which the largest share of attacked organizations are public institutions, followed by individual users being targeted.

Vihren also shared data from Mnemonica’s SOC center. The most common attacks are:

  • Phishing (e.g. email from direct manager)
  • Data encryption – ransomware
  • DDoS – already used as-a-Service
  • Social Engineering – there is no attack at the moment that happens without social engineering

He also drew attention to the DORA and NIS2 regulations, stressing that they should not be seen as restrictions, but as a minimum basis that must be respected in order to have resilience.

The event was organized by the Center for the Study of Democracy.