Neterra Adopts the Open API Manifesto, Enhancing Global Connectivity

Neterra has joined the Open API Manifesto, a groundbreaking initiative by TM Forum with the aim of enhancing global communication and technological collaboration.

The company’s software developers and managers have successfully completed and certified in TM Forum’s comprehensive training program, which encompasses the key elements of the Open API Manifesto, including Open Digital Architecture (ODA), open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and Information Framework.

The ultimate goal is for all telecommunications companies to unite and standardize their APIs to eliminate existing barriers to cooperation between industries, regions, and cultures in the digital infrastructure sector.

The introduction of the Open API Manifesto makes businesses more flexible, provides an exceptional customer experience, and enhances operational efficiency. As a result, IT and telecom firms are offering simpler, more cost-effective solutions that are easier to deploy, integrate, and upgrade.

TM Forum’s open APIs have gained significant popularity as a standard method for operational compatibility, with nearly 40,000 software developers from over 2,500 organizations downloading the packages over 640,000 times.

By joining the initiative, Neterra stands alongside more than 180 leading global telecommunications service providers and participants in the technology ecosystem who have publicly endorsed the package. TM Forum is an alliance of over 800 global companies dedicated to breaking down technological and cultural barriers between digital, technology and telecom solutions providers, consultants, and system integrators.

The list of its members includes all the top 10 largest global network and telecommunications providers.

Neterra’s logo is now also proudly featured on the TM Forum Open API Manifesto website, confirming the company’s commitment to this globally significant initiative.