122 Students and Undergraduates will be “Get Ready to Succeed” Scholarship Recipients in the 2023/2024 Academic Year

The names of the scholarship recipients of the “Get Ready to Succeed” program for the academic year 2023/2024 are known.

The total value of the scholarships is BGN 309,300, provided entirely by donors.

The 18th academic year of the “Get Ready to Succeed” scholarship program has begun, through which the BCause Foundation supports young girls and boys with excellent results who have lost one or both parents, who were raised in institutions or by foster families. The one-year student scholarship for bachelors is BGN 3,000, and the undergraduate scholarship is BGN 1,500.

The program committee, consisting members of the BCause Foundation and representatives of the donor companies, voted to support a total of 122 candidates. The leading criterion in determining the scholarship holders is the success of the applicants. We support young people not just because they are damaged by fate, but because they have outstanding achievements, excellent success and are motivated and active.

  • 35 students in the 11th and 12th grades, from 27 places around Bulgaria, received scholarships. 20 of them are excellent students, 5 are round orphans.
  • 46 scholarships were awarded to students studying medical specialties. Of them, 5 are round orphans, 10 are freshmen.
  • Three students will receive the Tony Alexandrova scholarship from the Bulgarian-American Society – for them it is in the amount of BGN 3,200, and 2 students will receive a scholarship of BGN 1,600.
  • The commission also grants 38 special scholarships to students – 12 of them are orphans and 2 of them are disabled.
  • The Dr. Mario Shkodrov Scholarship, established by his friends, continues to be awarded to the doctors selected last year. The scholarship is in the amount of BGN 4,000 for the academic year.

“Get Ready to Succeed” has been a program of the BCause Foundation since 2006. The funds are entirely from donations – from individuals and companies who support these young people in their efforts to complete their education. The number of scholarships depends on the amount of funds raised during the year. The BCause Foundation fundraises for “Get Ready to Succeed” year-round.

For 18 years, 1,877 annual scholarships with a total value of BGN 2,842,800 have been awarded.