Dr. Boryana Alexieva: AmCham’s Experts Believe that Healthcare Must be Treated as an Investment, not as a Cost

“The conference by its international scope succeeded for the very first time in its exceptional line-up of 3 Chambers of Commerce to consolidate not only the expertise of many like-minded partners and experts, but also partner associations, NGOs, purely individual representatives to present and start the dialogue for a better, transparent, quality and a modern healthcare system.”

This was said by Boryana Alexieva, Co-chair of the AmCham Bulgaria Healthcare Committee, on November, 2, in an interview by Veselina Spasova, anchor of the “In Development”, the program of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

The ‘Towards a High Value Healthcare System in Bulgaria’ Conference managed to summarize the expertise of 3 chambers of commerce and numerous stakeholders that aim to start the dialogue for a better, more transparent, and more modern healthcare system, Alexieva said. The conference reflected on the deficits in Bulgarian healthcare due to demographics, the reduced level of investment, and the risk of aging of the healthcare workforce. The Co-chair of the AmCham Bulgaria Healthcare Committee noted that we are yet to see in our country the risk of not being able to cure because of the lack and aging of personnel.

Boryana Alexieva also underlined that the last 20 years have seen major changes and budget increases in the health system, yet these investments are few. Moreover, despite large investments in recent years, Bulgaria ranks last in terms of demographic indicators – this observation is backed up by both the AmCham Bulgaria and AmCham Europe reports. ‘The experts in the Chamber also have findings on the sustainable transformation of profanity and pre-hospital care. However, efforts in this direction should be targeted by absolutely all actors in the health system to promote each other visibly.’, Alexieva further stated.

Boryana Alexieva emphasized that ‘Our main focus is to pull our efforts and expertise in order to find a format in which all stakeholders, along with the government representatives, can have the same direction, tone, and crystallize the priorities that will place the Bulgarian patient at the center of the system.’

Watch the conversation (In Bulgarian)