Postbank Presented its New Brand, PB Personal Finance, at a Special Conference Titled Retail Reload – Powered by AI”

With the first-of-its-kind conference Retail Reload – powered by AI, Postbank introduced its new brand, PB Personal Finance by Postbank, which officially became part of the leading financial institution in June. The special event, organized in partnership with Mastercard Bulgaria, brought together over 250 representatives from leading companies. Alongside internationally renowned speakers, they discussed the latest trends and innovations in artificial intelligence in the retail business. Driven by the desire to share expertise and global practices, these companies united in their mission to introduce the Bulgarian retail ecosystem to innovative ways in which artificial intelligence is changing the consumer experience and helping with more efficient business management.

Angel Mateev, General Manager of the Retail Banking Sector at Postbank, Rumen Radushev, Retail Banking Sector Manager at Postbank, and Maria Mangarova, Director of PB Personal Finance Management at Postbank, commented on how the new Beyond banking concept will provide more value and benefits for customers and merchants.

The vision and practice of working with data, which have become the new primary source of added value for every business, hyper-personalization in commerce, and the development of artificial intelligence applications were discussed by the speakers from Mastercard, including Gabriel Gita, Vice President of Mastercard and Head of the Solution Center for the SEE division, Neil Taylor, Vice President Data Strategy at Mastercard, and David Kerrigan, AI Consultant and Trainer with Mastercard Labs.

The addition of the new brand, PB Personal Finance, is not only part of Postbank’s strategic development as a systemically important bank, offering innovations and personalized financial solutions for the convenience of its customers but also of great importance for Eurobank Group as it expands its operations into significant regional markets. Just a few months later, Postbank reported excellent results and solidified its leading position in the consumer lending market by offering financial products to more than 1.2 million customers and providing BGN 6.9 billion in loans to households.

“At Postbank, we have a solid expertise in acquisitions, but we are truly impressed by the strong results achieved by the ‘PB Personal Finance’ team in this short time. Their performance is even higher than the same period before the merger, which is a clear sign that our entire team is working wonderfully together, and we are more convinced than ever that we will maintain and develop this successful business model in the future. We share common values such as speed, flexibility, accuracy, and an impeccable customer-centric approach. The data from the national bank speaks volumes and shows that we hold 38% of the market share for credit card limits in Bulgaria, with a turnover of BGN 7 billion for credit and debit cards in 2023,”

said Angel Mateev, General Manager of the Retail Banking Sector at Postbank during the conference.

“Digitalization of services has been a positive factor in recent years, with an 80% increase in purchases made through various types of cards or digital wallets. This is a tremendous volume, and 40% of all transactions we make are online payments. This year, we recorded a 24% increase in purchase volumes, despite an expected 8% inflation rate. Another important indicator that will become increasingly significant is customer loyalty to the brand. We see that 80% of our customers repeat their payments and purchases. This loyalty is not guaranteed; it is driven by the added value that each merchant provides to their customers. That’s why we continue to offer a personalized approach, using technology and artificial intelligence to predict customer needs and be as helpful as possible,”

commented Rumen Radushev, Retail Banking Sector Manager at Postbank in his presentation to the guests.

The bank’s experts shared details about the future positioning and development of the PB Personal Finance brand and how they maintain the pulse of their successful business, especially with respect to one of the company’s fundamental products – installment financing.

“At Postbank, we place a great emphasis on the speed of service, and 91% of all requests from our customers receive a response in less than 1 minute, thanks to an increasingly digitized workflow process, with 70% of electronically signed contracts, saving valuable time for both the team and consumers. As a result, 40% of new customers seeking financing from the bank choose our services again,” commented Maria Mangarova, Director of the PB Personal Finance Division at Postbank.

World experts from the tech leader Mastercard also discussed the growing need for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, the legal model that each company creates, and reliable integrations against the risks posed by new algorithms. In addition, the experts commented on how the introduction of ChatGPT and fundamental models will transform and optimize human resources. It is expected that by 2027, 90% of marketing messages will be generated by AI, a significant portion of music will be created technologically with the voices of existing creators, and commerce will increasingly shift to self-service establishments. However, one thing is certain: professionals who embrace new technologies and AI will be much more competitive and will develop a more successful business compared to those who fear or deny them, as the key panelists at the Retail Reload – powered by AI conference emphasized.

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