Meet the Ready For Success Scholars Supported by TELUS International Bulgaria in 2023

For the eighth consecutive year, TELUS International Bulgaria proudly continues its commitment to education by participating in the Ready for Success scholarship program.

This initiative is dedicated to providing financial aid to outstanding students who have lost one or both parents. For this academic year, the company will support five scholarships: three for students at state universities and two for high school pupils.

Since the start of the partnership with the Ready for Success program in 2016, TELUS International Bulgaria has consistently demonstrated its dedication to empowering the younger generation.

The company has already supported 35 university students and 19 high school pupils, providing not just a scholarship but a beacon of hope for those striving for academic excellence.

All scholars are talented young people ready for success with excellent grade point average results. Their strength and motivation for success are truly inspiring and encourage other people to face the challenges in life and never give up! Let’s delve together into their inspiring journeys:

Ralitsa Kolarova is from Sofia and is a first-year student at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” majoring in “Regional Development and Politics”, graduated with a 6.00 from the National Science and Mathematics High School. This year, she started her own project to support children without parents and from institutions.

“With my hand on my heart and a very big smile, I declare that my biggest success in the past year, and in general, of fundamental importance to me, is the realization of my cause – The Internet page is for pupils and students with one parent or without parents where they can find the whole information about the possibilities for financial, material and personal support.”, Ralitsa shared more about her project.

Yordan Krastanov will be a first-year student at the Medical University, Sofia, majoring in Dentistry. He has achieved a lot of success over the years – reached the National Round of Technical Drawing Olympiad and the Regional Round of Chemistry Olympiad.

“My motivation is mainly related to my desire to complete my education. We are three children raised by our mother. To prepare for the exams in biology and chemistry, I went to lessons, and to pay for them I have been working at a big supermarket since I was a student. I dream of being a high achiever, becoming a good dentist, and helping my mother as much as possible to have an easier life.”

Vyara Avramova is a student at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She is a 2nd year European Studies major and graduated with a 6.00 first year. Vyara completed the course “Found in Translation: how to understand Cultures and Nature”, at the University of Silesia, Poland. She is fluent in Spanish and English. Writes poetry and publishes in various anthologies.

“During the past two years that I have been part of the Foundation’s scholarship, your support has given a visible reflection of the ambition, performance and effort I have put into the study process. You motivate and support me personally.”, shares Vyara.

Ioana Ivanova is from Pazardzhik and is in the 12th grade at the “Bertolt Brecht” Language High School, majoring in German and English. Ioana is the sister of the long-time scholar Rumi. Ioana works in the summer to help her mother, and she dreams of studying higher education at Sofia University.