TELUS International Bulgaria Conducted “Catch the First Signs” Panel Dscussion with Emprove Foundation

TELUS International Bulgaria and Connections – the global women network of TELUS International, recently concluded a thought-provoking panel discussion titled “Catch the First Signs”.

The online event was in collaboration with the Emprove Foundation, shedding light on the crucial subject of recognizing toxicity in our daily lives. Hosted by Deborah Rosales, Senior Director of Human Resources | AI Data Solutions and Global Connections Prime, the panel featured Olga Mineva, Founder of the Emprove Foundation and Corina Tiu, Vice President of Operations for Romania, as special guests.

TELUS International team members from around the world (Ireland, Romania, Turkey, The Philippines, Guatemala, El Salvador, India & more) attended and actively engaged in thoughtful conversations on the sensitive topic. Through events like this one, TELUS International demonstrates that it firmly stands against violence of any kind across the globe. “Change begins with conversations and awareness” – said Corina Tiu who emphasized that the company is a guardian of well-being not only for its team members but also of the communities where it operates.

The panel discussion aimed to raise awareness about the significance of identifying toxicity in our everyday lives, with a specific focus on the impact it has on women. Olga Mineva, an organizational psychologist with over 12 years of experience in corporate consulting, particularly in Leadership Consulting, People Development, and Change Management, contributed greatly, provided valuable insights and gave thorough answers to the participants’ questions. Olga passionately champions women’s empowerment and fights against domestic violence. As the Founder of the Emprove Foundation, she brought with her to the panel discussion over a decade of expertise in leadership consulting and people development, which are part of the forefront of the foundation’s mission.

The Emprove Foundation, dedicated to supporting women affected by toxicity and violence, works diligently to help them build new, independent lives. The foundation’s multifaceted approach includes prevention initiatives, art projects, publications, and individual counseling. Their notable project, the EarlyRaiser chatbot, was supported financially by the Community Board of TELUS International Bulgaria last year. The Chatbot actively contributes to the prevention of violence in relationships as it provides accessible, interactive, and valuable support, fostering awareness and prevention among the general audience. It is expected to be launched in the upcoming weeks and thanks to TELUS International Bulgaria the foundation will have another valuable resource to continue the fight against violence in an informed and supportive manner.