AmCham Bulgaria Stands by the Cause of USYC Christmas Charity Gala 2023

AmCham Bulgaria took part as a charity giver organization at the annual USYC Christmas Charity Gala for supporting unfortunate children with financial aid. 

With the rapprochement of the holiday season, the U.S. Embassy Youth Council organized its annual celebration under the topic of “Give a Star for Christmas!”. They chose the motto “Give a Star for Christmas!” because the Council believes that supporting “Good for Everyone” will be able to make as many children happier as possible. By putting the light back in children’s eyes, they want to prove that the spirit of giving is not lost in today’s isolation. That is why the value of each ticket as well as sponsorship goes entirely to the chosen cause.

With all the funds raised from the event, the organization will be able to support and delight over 30 children with winter and warm clothes. AmCham Bulgaria is one of this year’s supporters of this great cause. We are always eager to give back to the less fortunate for the greater good of the society. We are grateful to be in the company of Capital Fort, SLS, White bite, Broker Ins, Universe fitness center, Urbo, and Cima.

Take a look at some of the memories of the charity event: