Registration is Now Open for the Dale Carnegie Leadership Academy 2024!

Full program details, schedule, format and module descriptions can be found in the attached file and at the following link.

Leader and manager development has been identified as a top priority and challenge for 2024. Managers are overwhelmed by the increase in their job responsibilities and 50% of employees are not confident in their manager’s ability to lead their team to success over the next two years (Gartner 2024 HR Priorities Survey). The pace of organizational change today is staggering. Managers and employees alike are feeling discouraged and skeptical, and are experiencing fatigue from the constant changes.

Organizations today are focusing on building managers’ expertise by providing them with opportunities to purposefully reflect on their people management habits and approach and connect with other leaders for coaching, motivation and development. Creating opportunities to adapt and connect to the organizational culture and ecosystem in a hybrid world is key.

Traditional skill-building training programs alone are no longer enough. Current and future executives are welcome to experience and build on their experiences in small groups, connect on an emotional level, and work on real business cases and innovation plans that will drive results for their organizations.

Dale Carnegie’s unique approach to building leadership will provide you with a rich toolkit combined with profound experiences that will help you be the leader organizations need!

We are delighted to invite you to join the upcoming Dale Carnegie Leadership Academy which will take place in March-September 2024.

Five of our most popular training programs are included in the new edition of the academy:

  • The Dale Carnegie Course
  • Innovation through Team Effectiveness
  • Team Leadership
  • Leadership for Results
  • High Impact Presentations

Each programme focuses on the development and improvement of specific skills and competences. Assessing a person’s potential to act as a leader is an important issue in a company’s strategy for the

development of its managers. We offer participants the opportunity to take part in an assessment and development center as a basis for setting individual development goals for the Leadership Academy. We also build on this with individual coaching sessions aimed at further customizing the program to each participant’s needs.

Register for the full Dale Carnegie Leadership Academy by December 31, 2023 and receive 25% discount on all five programs!

For registration, further clarification and questions, contact us at the contact information below: