Neterra Attains ISO Certification for Enhanced Cloud Security

Neterra, a global telecommunications service provider, has secured the ISO/IEC 27018:2019 certification. The standard addresses information security and personal data protection within cloud platforms. It is tailored for cloud service providers who serve as Personally Identifiable Information processors, ensuring stringent measures for data protection and confidentiality.

This certification is a testament to Neterra.Cloud’s adherence to industry-leading standards in information technology, security protocols, and safeguarding personal data.

Enhanced data protection

With the ISO/IEC 27018 certification, Neterra customers can rest assured that their valuable data is entrusted to a provider that prioritizes security, compliance, and transparency. The certification covers all aspects of Neterra’s operations, including consulting, designing, building, implementing, providing, and maintaining systems and solutions in the fields of telecommunications, radio and satellite services, audio and video services, colocation, IT services, cloud services, network infrastructure, managed services, and network security.

Transparency and accountability

Implementing ISO/IEC 27018 assures that Neterra processes personal information solely as per user instructions. The company commits to refrain from using personal data for advertising or marketing purposes without explicit customer consent.
Neterra applies suitable organizational and security measures, safeguarding against the disclosure of personal information unless legally compelled to do so.

This certification enables Neterra to address concerns transparently, empowering customers to choose cloud services that prioritize the management of their data. Moreover, it facilitates streamlined contract negotiations between clients and cloud service providers.

Benefits for customers

The ISO/IEC 27018 standard not only ensures heightened global operational efficiency but also provides legal protection for both cloud service providers and users. Its implementation offers a swifter activation of global operations while fortifying the legal standing for providers and users of cloud services.